Ni No Kuni 2 – Kingdom Building Tips Every King Should Know

Kingdom management is one of Ni No Kuni 2’s most interesting new additions. Here are some handy tips to be the best ruler of Evermore.

Watch 7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Ni No Kubi 2!

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  1. There isn’t really a need for any tips in this game. The kingdom building is really fun. The platinum was a lot shorter than I expected compare to the first one, only takes around 60 – 70 hours.

  2. Appreciate the tips, Jake!  Keeping the game running 24/7 and emptying coffers as often as possible really made the difference overall, which I devoted every waking hour in taking advantage of while recruiting citizens, conducting research and upgrading facilities!  By the time, my son and I reached Chapter 6, we had attained an Evermore Region Influence of 15211000 with Grade of B across the board), recruited 40 citizens, upgraded 44 facilities to maximum levels as applicable and amassed 214,408 Kingsguilders (KG)!  Whoop, Whoop!  He played during the evening when he got home from work, and I played during the day in between yard maintenance and indoor chores (emptying coffers approximately every hour at 5000 KG capacity to eventually every 30 minutes at 80000 KG capacity and stores at 150-item capacity)!  All of the kingdom building enabled us to complete side quests and errands more efficiently which in turn helped us move the game forward more effectively!  As we head into Chapter 7 with a proficiency level of 57, our influence is 16047000 with 5249248 KG and 817 Tokens of Gratitude (which is what is available after retrieving what we think we might need in the future)!  We are in the process of recruiting 10 additional citizens, so that we can upgrade Evermore Kingdom to Level 3, which is taking a little longer than anticipated…  No worries, though!   While I loved _Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the Witch_, I have really enjoyed the addition of kingdom building in _Ni No Kuni 2:  Revenant Kingdom_!

  3. Has anyone else encountered a problem with the Priestess in Training sidequest? I've researched the Rejuvinate spell, and have used it to complete another side quest as well as a few places on the world map, but the quest info is still saying that I need to learn the spell. Am I missing something or did I put the skirmish part of this quest off too long?

  4. I completed all research for the Explorer Guild, is it still necessary to leave citizens in there or should I empty it out and move them elsewhere?

  5. Oh my gosh, I have 46 hours in game and I've just now learned about leveling up my citizens. Yikes. This vid was a huge help for my idiot self, thank you guys!

  6. What are the letter grades in the top right (where they all show "B" in your game)? Are they an indication of overall IQ in each field? They start at "D" when you first start your kingdom, and I have all of mine at "B" with my kingdom at Level 2. So once they reach "A" does that mean they are at full potential IQ?

  7. Too bad there's no choices in what kind of King you would be and there's no economy base system.
    I don't care what anyone says Fable 3 is awesome.

  8. I struggle to understand the point of the kingdom. The game is so easy that you don't need to access the advanced research to beat the game. Other than the game forcing you to build the kingdom there seems to be no point.

  9. Pro tip: If you click "Manage Your Kingdom" and click on your castle, in the left-hand side of the screen you will see how much Kings Guilders you will accumulate per hour. Right now, my rate is probably around 36k/hour, but since my coffer only holds 15k, I can come back every half hour or so.

  10. i write the list in french for me, but my questions below the list are in english, so check it for answer me ^^
    1 : aller souvent check son royaume
    2 : upgradre la taille du coffre le plus tot possible

    3 : avoir constamment des bâtiments en construction et des recherches en cours

    4 : au début switch les habitants d'un bâtiments à l'autre car on à plus de bâtiments que d'habitants

    5: Ne pas oublier de lvl up les citoyens dès qu'ils le peuvent.

    6: faire des side quest pour avoir plus de citoyens ou des tasks et utiliser les tokens gagnés pour recruter des news citoyens pour le royaume

    7: développer la guilde d'exploreur assez tôt.
    8: faire des structures qui augmentent l'influence quand il n'y a pas grand chose d'autres à faire.

    Question :

    1/ Are there a building that lower the time of bulding / researching ?
    2/ Are there a S rank or A rank is the max ?
    3/ level up citizen is free ?
    4/ is there a tab where we can see all building / researching in real time ? (for see what is going to be build / research)

    comment :
    -I don't like spell, you have only 5 mana + it's too risky to not ne moving while throwing / channeling a spell. (i play in expert in my first run of the game to have good weapons) So I will neglect this building. (in hard combat i use gun + avoid far from the overLvl monster (i beat lvl 44 Normal monsters when i was lvl33-36 in expert difficulty)
    -i will spend 100Hours to max out my kingdom as soon as possible. (i'm currently when i write this, lvl 36-39 with 26Hours of play at the start of chapter 4 (i need to go on the throne) and i have already a 244 dmg sword on Roland.)

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