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New Gameplay Today – Jurassic World Evolution

Game Informer’s Dan Tack and Ben Hanson show off the gameplay highlights from their time playing the new Jurassic World park building game from Frontier Developments, the developers behind RollerCoaster Tycoon. Leo Vader and Jeff Cork try to…

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  1. No kids in jp??? Are you kidding??? We are in 2018!!!And dinos kinda "made" for kids!!To not see them die??Really? Tv news show dead and injured kids almost every day!!! And what about the gentle giants theme? Where kids played with little dinos in jw? Sounds convenient no kids no baby dinos..less work…hmm disappointed on that aspect …

  2. OMG… The area to play at this map is really small….. What else could we spect from Planet Coaster makers….. another common problem in both games.

  3. Subscribe to my channel if you want to watch poorly produced somewhat cringey skits, asthetic videos (an genre I CREATED!) cooking tutorials, and SO MUCH more! (maybe like, one or two things tops if I'm being honest.. ) but yeah ahh it's like if Wario Ware was burnout making YouTube sketches

  4. I might get shit for this, but lets try to focus more on the actual gameplay and information giving without all the jokes. Guys, I'm just simply saying give me a more professional idea of what the hell is going on. 327k subs for a huge magazine? I might be a little harsh, but come on. Sometimes its just more fun to be crucial on information. Thats all I'm saying…

  5. Man these guys do not seem like sim players at all. Other reviewers were so hyped about the dinosaur detail, the park creation, etc. and these dudes are… making jokes, drawing weird things on the map with water… where is the excitement? Am I the only one who felt like they were watching a bunch of friends talk instead of showing off gameplay?

  6. isla nublar I'm sure that it will be a recreation of jp or jw with special events from the films why hide it otherwise. I think you will be in control of the movie parks

  7. You can't kill a big dinosaur but you can kill normal people who are innocent in everyday video games? This makes NO sense to me. I say just do it! If you get backlash whip out the middle finger and tell them I didn't make it for you. It's not law, use others as a defence and move on. You're making the game not them, let them go build their own game and witness the world ignore them.

  8. is there a good gameplay about this game? all I see is some dudes doing shit and not really showing us the game. …. not showing all the features… etc.I can't find a good walkthrough about this… 🙁

  9. I hope they make it so that the dinosaurs can attack your ranger vehicles. That's like a key thing that happens in the Jurassic park movies. It would also add some extra strategy to the game when you have to go in and tranq them. If they dont attack you all you gotta do is park in front of them and shoot. But if they can attack you it would add a whole new element to the game you would have to approach each situation intelligently.

  10. No butt? To me, that doesn’t seem like a good Jurassic Park game, I want realism, I want to see my Dino’s take a massive dump after a large meal, either of goat or person mwah ha.

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