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Midwinter Entertainment Reveals New Game Scavengers

Watch the lead developers at Midwinter Entertainment, with talent from the Halo series at 343 Studios and more, reveal their new co-op/competitive game called Scavengers. Learn more about the studio here –

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  1. game informer do you guys know anything the wasteland 3 coming out this year, is it possible or it will be delayed to next year, i would love to know anything about the development of inxile's franchise.

  2. I'm getting a feeling that this thing is going straight into the ground. Let's play game development hell bingo and see where this one goes. My bet is that they do the thing where they put an extremely ambitious release date for like Q3 2019 or something crazy like that, then have to roll it back one or two times to something like Q1 or Q2 of 2020. They even said it themselves, this is much too ambitious for a team of their size to pull off in a reasonable amount of time and probably won't even pay off in the long run. But don't worry, we have the people responsible for driving the Halo series into the ground making this new open-word survival (?) game that nobody on the team has any experience in working with.
    I guess I can at least take comfort in the fact that they have explicit goals for what the game should be and not just broad ideas of what might be in the game. Oh wait, I have no idea what the game even is. I've heard "co-op", "action thriller", "competitive shooter", and "open world" all used to describe the game in this video, but what the fuck does that even mean? First of all, a lot of those aren't really cohesive with one another at all, or maybe this is going to be a merging of all of those genres in a really innovative way that I didn't expect. But that doesn't take away from the fact that 343 isn't experienced in any type of open world game design, and Warzone is huge evidence of that. Despite what the dude in the video would like to have you believe, Warzone is inevitably what killed the Halo series (along with loot box weapons and armor systems) and it isn't really something they should be boasting or really talking about at all. To say Warzone was at all "successful" is a huge insult to the people that genuinely enjoyed the Halo games before you tried to implement a shitty loot box system into your already dying franchise just to squeeze out more money from loyal consumers.
    I understand not wanting to show gameplay, you don't want to hype anything up because it will probably be around 2 years before the thing is done and you don't want to spoil it, but you couldn't even give a general outline to anything in the game at all (other than the setting, but that's not an excuse in the slightest), including the fucking GENRE. The literal only things I know about this game are that it is open world, a first-person shooter, and it has a lot of players and AI in it. Is it a story based game? Because you insisting on the setting being the only meaningful detail of the early conceptualization really tells me you might be making a story based game, especially with words like "action thriller" and "co-op". But then why would you also label it a "competitive shooter" and have a heavy focus on PvP mechanics?
    I want to see a good game come from this company, but these guys also worked at 343i and ended a decade-old series with massively high praise by turning it into a cash cow and running it straight into the ground. I hope this game is good, but i DEFINITELY wouldn't put money on it.

  3. lol no thank you. Game developers should know by now that their hardcore audience does not give a shit about multiplayer games. Stop trying to make it happen, you fools…

  4. I know that most people aren't excited about the co-op/battle Royale concept, but after seeing hunt: showdown, I'm very excited for this game. Also, are the shots of the forest real video?

  5. Anyone think that this is Destiny 2.0? With all of the floating robots that look like ghosts, and the three people who are in a fire team and the concept art is very similar to Destiny 1, it looks like this is going to be a good game.

  6. $60 – $100 pre order coming soon. When the game launches will be totally different. Will have micro transactions up the ass so you can buy Emotes of people dabbing. This will be half of a game. Did I miss anything?

  7. Why are the a.i. Against me?… can they be reclaimed? Used to reclaim? How hard and how many players would it take to retake a large bastion composed of former human accomplishment? By 1? Several? A thousand? Or all the above depending on how many assets and or vehicles that player has collected with a certain style of cautious play? Could a group of players spread the battle cry for a specific date of desperate mayhem in reclaiming a rampant a.i. And one of humanity’s former hubs of power? Would they be permanent under control, and developable by players? Would challenges by the infected and other wary a.i. Eventually come? Guns, storehouse locations? Weapons specially designed from a former past golden age? Factories that can produce relics? Books to be read and knowledge of the past reclaimed and used? Classes to give technologies life again, say engineer possessing knowledge of the past And possible improvements for the present, scientist processing knowledge of the present and future for remedies of the melody is that face humanity? What are the survivors? How are they alive? What are their pasts? Is the map stagnant or actively changing? On a major scale or minor? Do your actions matter to the world with the powers that exist and the predators that prowl?

  8. I say just focus on single player to bring a heavier experience to the player, sure, go ahead and bring in some multiplayer for fun, but I'd suggest focusing more on the world and progression.

  9. Hope this isn't destiny all over again , all the hype just to increase sales and when you get the product it just isn't what was promised.

  10. Why is everyone so negative about this game? It looks like it could be extremely promising, something everyone expected when Destiny was originally announced. I'm not likening this game to Destiny quite yet, but bring on another multiplayer co-op sci fi game please, I'm ready. The dev team needs to take as long as they need to make this a good game.

  11. Well I think Scavengers will become a great game if they follow with the passion verses corporate tactics. Plus, a bigger version of Warzone/Survival already has me hooked.

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