God Of War PS4: Learning From The Last Of Us

God of War for PS4 has learned a lot from The Last of Us. We spoke to Creative Director, Cory Barlog about how he and the team found the humanity in Kratos.

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  1. Fucking lame! No demigods to kill? Raise a child? Wtf is this like a simulation on how to raise kids? Fuck off we want the rage murderous kratos not this watered down bs social acceptence. JUST REMAKE THE ALL GOD OF WAR 1 2 3 and they will outsold GoW 2018

  2. 1 GOW PS4
    2 Ghost of Sparta
    3 God of War
    4 God of War 2
    5 God of War 3
    6 Chains of Olympus

    Can't rank Ascension because I never got to finish the story. ( Was too busy playing multiplayer.)

  3. at least they admit it lol but i mean God Of War 4 comes out on April 20th, one of my all time fav franchises… and i don't know how i feel about it right now, at first i noticed how they changed the camera angle completely and its super zoomed in now, for more of an intimate feel. It looks amazing obviously and it's more story driven now and the setting is different. this new installment will be based on Norse mythology instead of Greek mythology, For the most part i'm kind of okay with them finally changing GOW because it's been more of the same for awhile since the first very first game. I also think it might be a bit water downed and it almost feels like the game holds your hand too much and doesn't let things happen organically, what i'm say is that there's to many scripted events in the game, and that takes away from the gameplay and gameplay also looks a lot more slower, From what ever thing i've seen so far i'm skeptical but still excited that's it's changing i just hope it's for the better, oh and i hope the chains of olympus is back instead of him having an axe the entire game…

  4. My only concern is camera being too close when fighting multiple enemies. It needs to be pulled back a little more to better prepare for enemy cheap shots. It’s pretty standard in many games because it’s been proven to work. Hopefully with an option patch.

  5. He leaves Persephone to save the world. He knows the queen of the underworld is using Persephone’s image to draw him into the trap that she set up. Therefore he had to neglect Persephone because he wasn’t gonna be with her forever. It’s a really intense moment but it makes sense for the story. This game has always been legendary. It’s modern mythology. Their bringing him to different lands with different gods because they all apply to the world we live in. This game brings these bodies of mythology to artificial life. They’re gonna be making a lot more God of War games. They’ll tell the tale of the most legendary character ever imagined. PS4 is the way to go.

  6. I will party of the small percentage of people that will say that this god of war kinda sucks. I feel like it's trying to something that it wasn't originally. Like a baby between the last of us and Skyrim. I wished they would've stuck with the original pace and feel of what a god of war used to be.

  7. As good as this game was, and it was really good, it felt unfinished in the end. It felt like the beginning of a great journey, not a complete one. So knowing that I'll have to wait 3-5 years for the next chapter makes me feel pretty ambivalent about the conclusion. I could list many good things about this game, but for me, a story is only as good as its ending. Some character twists didn't make it feel complete in any way.

  8. It was Atlas Persephone used not Cronos. Also I thought it made perfect sense for him to save the world in CoO because his daughter would die in Elysium if he didn't.

  9. This is how influence should be used
    They didn’t copy the last of us ,but instead they learned how important a relationship between two characters can be from seeing Joel and ellie and immediately applied it in God of war 4 with kratoos and his son

  10. Thank God this game is so good. I'm so happy that they removed:

    The gratuitous amounts of violence the franchise was based on
    The giant, epic bosses with regular-sized guys and trolls

    I'm really happy they added:
    The Last Of Us: God Of War edition
    Walking between hallways disguised as forests, and caves
    Replaced the ability to jump and interact with the environments with scripted events to seperate the foreground and backgrounds and higher areas
    Completely removed vertical gameplay except in order to disguise the walking segments as climbing segments where you hold the same buttons or for scripted events
    Changed every room into an circular / square arena where you beat up an uninspired combination of the same enemies

    Yeah, best God Of War yet. Look at Sony bastardize the literal flag-ship franchise of their Playstation platform to make it more like The Last Of Us in order to appeal to a broader demographic. I like how they also took Kratos and made him more one dimensional and tried to disguise it by having a bunch of journalists who clearly never played the original games criticize the old Kratos who was a self-loating man haunted by his past who transferred his paternal instincts to a poor girl very nearly forsaking his entire quest of vengeance as being one-dimensional and replaced him with a grumpy old semi-concerned appearing grumpy father figure who is nothing like Kratos was at all in the previous titles (even going so far as to ditch the VA who represented Kratos for 6 games) despite the fact we've been explicitly told that this is a continuation and not a reboot.

    Fuck anyone who likes this dog shit.

  11. "learned from" vs ripped off in hopes of dipping into that papa-wolf audience
    Why redemption and "humanization" arcs?
    Forget these bloggers moaning about sexism, toxicity, etc…
    Fearlessly plunge further along the path of godhood and immortality, until omnipotence.

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