God of War – An Icon Evolved

[Produced in partnership with God of War] Kratos is back for a new edition of God of War! But how has he changed, and what awaits the player in this new nordic adventure? Find out how the iconic character has evolved as a fighter and a father, and what to look forward to when experiencing the…

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  1. Should I rent this from Gamefly or buy I get gamefly for $10 a month and was wondering if I could beat this in a month playing 3 days a week for 5 hours a day

  2. I am a big fan of GOW series. I don't know, but i think the graphic is too cartoon-ish. I mean with the next gen things around the last couple years, kratos and crew could be sooo amazing if they have say far cry 5 or shadow of collosus remastered kinda graphic. Hopefully the final build will be more dark than cartoon alike norse journey….

  3. Cam & Seb!… yes I know it’s only one of them, but still.
    Will always first think of “top 5 Skyrim mods of the week” when I hear those beautiful voices.

  4. The earth better move and the ground better come to life and mountains better fight back and the lava better form up and step on Kratos or trees walk or or this is nothing but a boring romp

  5. dear God Almighty please make this game a success for single player games but it also bring people from outside of this industry too who dont usually play games
    do as you see fit by your will please make this game succesful commercially and critically

  6. Tc carson is the true voice of Kratos in the god of war GAME'S want be the same with out u Tc carson in the new God OF war game

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