Far Cry 5's Secret Ending

Want to finish Far Cry 5 in less than 10 minutes or just show off this neat hidden ending to your friends? We show you how to find it.

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  1. I love how Whitehorse just calmly puts The Father's hands down, when John was tattooing you, you grab his shoulder. I don't know know why but I like that physical contact 🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. While I think it was dragged out too long, I like how the Sheriff basically said “OH HELL NO” after Joseph said “sometimes it’s best to leave well enough alone”. That means Joseph was listening to the radio chatter on their way in from the helicopter.

  3. I think Joseph seed was actually right about the human race whenever someone tries to challenge their beliefs or motives everyone goes apeshit and tries to stop them but they don’t take into account what if the human races beliefs are not very good and actually get people killed I think Joseph was right about everyone who didn’t see what he saw in his “cult” as locusts because they wanted to defend the beliefs but Joseph knew the beliefs were bullshit and just lies and challenged them leading to people hating him for it

  4. People don't understand the father is not wrong
    He shows mercy at each and every point to you and actually gives you choice
    He truly shows us that an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind

  5. It would be cool if you get to continue playing when they leave, on a whole new map, but instead of fighting a cult you're just Rook going about your daily life, making arrests, raising your family, paying your mortgage etc.

  6. a interesting thing is that nobody with all the comm. towers and technology they have (example Whitetale Mil.) nobody contacts or try to contact a random base or Washington or so something to get rescue squads, if not trying to escape directly out but hey, its a game (for me the best open world ever by far)

  7. I was on my 2nd playthrough on PC and I just wanted to see what would happened if I didn't press the button to arrest Joseph Seed… Thinking that absolutely nothing would happen.. Needless to say, I was in complete shock when the credits rolled after 5 minutes of gameplay lol

  8. I did the resist ending, he fucking nuked us, in the walk away ending, i got fucking murdered, and in this one the people have to live in suffering but you and your 4 buddies live, is there an ending where i can kill joseph

  9. If this was in real life, they won't come with a heli only 4, they will direticly nuke the island, they won't care if there are 40 or how many normal ppl

  10. Jesus Christ one of the best games of the year it was so good I loved every bit of it now yeah some parts did drag on but in the end it doesn't even matter the game was beautiful well done you be soft well done indeed

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