Far Cry 5 Easter Eggs & References

Far Cry 5 is filled with lots of fun Easter eggs, references, and secrets from other Ubisoft games and even some real world events. Here’s all the ones we found so far.

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  1. If you go to Parker labratories and got to the silo you can destroy /small farm you can talk to a lady there and she talks of a man that has survived pirates and a dicatator 🤔🤔🤔 I think I found something

  2. I remember doing a mission and somebody had said "deflate this faster than a Patriots football" and in a scene of you go down and one of the ai guns for hire picks you up, one said to me "what do we say to death? Not today" which is a quote from game of thrones season one arias "dance" teacher had said this to her

  3. There’s another reference to primal in this game. When you use hurk as a gfh he says something that Urki says a lot in the game. He didn’t know where he remembers it from but he knows he said it.

  4. You badly mis pronounced the element Radon. (Radon Mine) you’ve never heard that word before? They don’t teach basic chemistry in Millennial School?

  5. there a easter egg for jason from far cry 3 this girl said some random guy in blue said he escaped pirates so he aint afraid of some cult

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