Dragon Ball FighterZ Easter Eggs – Broly & Bardock Dramatic Finishes

Here are all of Dramatic finishes for Dragon Ball FighterZ’s latest DLC Fighters, Bardock and Broly!

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  1. So instead of the real dramatic finish we get Bardock wins fanfic… Ok then. Also goku's not supposed to be litterally there for Gohan's dramatic finish

  2. What i think Should have been put in is A broly Dramatic Finish When he wins ,
    if we do one for Bardock , i feel Broly should have had one 2 .

  3. Moi je dis la prochaine dlc il faut une pan jouable et éventuellement un petit gogeta ssj4 sa serait pas mal voilà c'est se que je pense même un janemba serait intéressant voilà mais conseil

  4. They gave Bardock an imaginary dramatic finish against Frieza yet Broly doesn't get shit for some reason at least give him the glass breaking finish from the first movie against Goku

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