Brigitte – Overwatch Hero Guide

Wondering how to play Brigitte, Overwatch’s new melee-focused healer? Watch our hero guide and let Joey walk you through all the abilities of Torbjorn’s daughter.

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  1. Couldn't they just have given her a normal name?
    Or what about a Swedish name ?

    As a Swede I have to play this character for the awful, corny voice lines though.

  2. Brigitte does have a self heal but only when her passive is active. She heals slowly so it's not op but It can be frustrating for low dps characters because it pretty much makes brigitte invinsible to their attacks such as Widow makes smg or lucios Sonic amplifier. But for anything with moderate dps like roadhog to soldier 76 her healing will not save her but it will make her last longer. In a case with road hog he is very annoying seeing as he has so much health, can heal quicker than you can kill him and his hook and scrap gun make it hard to survive a fight without a healer and a dps. Same goes for Reinhardt, and every tank besides winston. The most annoying are pretty much just bastion, another brigitte, and roadhog. Since they can take full advantage of your weaknesses.

  3. Best thing is that you can stop a charging reinhard with your shieldbash… Its just a funny moment when they bash their heads together and both get knocked to the ground

  4. I play very aggressive her…especially when theres another support, i dont see her and the stay behind and heal type…shes meant to chase and bash the fuc outta people

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