7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Ni No Kuni 2

Ni No Kuni 2 is finally out and if you wanna be an efficient ruler, here are seven tips that should help you unite all the realms.

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  1. I just started the game and I thought i'd learn something new from this video. Use your best weapon that you'll find them on the top of the list!! I mean come on who doesn't know that. Dont forget sidequests, use tactics tweaker!! To be honest if you really did not know these things when you played this game, it means you played it way faster than you should. Take your time to understand the game and how it works

  2. Sigh how I wish this would get ported to the Switch but until then I guess I'll need to wait for it to go on sale for either PC or get a secondhand copy on the PS4.

  3. Underrated game! Definitely turn up the difficulty! Bit to easy at times. Looks amazing! So many different concepts and games within a game. Like the skirmish. Even building your kingdom is like a tycoon sort game, then the usual rpg fighting aspect. Great!

  4. It just dawned on me… I just bought three bundles of JRPGs in the Steam sales. How am I gonna play all of these??

  5. 40 hours of playing and I never knew you could lvl up your spells or do a better version of a move? Or something I feel so stupid lol

  6. idk what makes this game so amazing is how many different rpg elements are happening at once and demand your attention. it's hard to devote your time to all of it on the 1st play through because much of it is not required and u can run past the game on normal just smashing malee if u want haha.

  7. The number 1 should be: Just because you liked the first game, it doesn't mean that you'll like the second game. Not everyone love management. Screw the kingdom building.

  8. Question. I played ni no kuni 2 for a long time then I left it for a year so I don't remember how things worke in this game. Now I want to get back to this game . Please help me what should I do .
    To complete ni no kuni 2 and buy the DLC .

  9. those all are obvious things. level up citizen manually, upgrade resources building to level 2, always put your citizen on resources gathering when idle, those ARE useul tips because these stuff can even help you in side quests and equipment making. also play on hard for huge drop rate.

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