10 Things We Learned About Sea Of Thieves From The Beta

Sea of Thieves’ final beta has come to a close on Xbox One and PC. Here are 10 things we learned about Microsoft’s first exclusive title of 2018.

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  1. The trend for this game often seems to be skepticism of the "content", until the skeptic in question actually plays it, at which point they are sold.

    As someone who has been playing since one of the technical alphas, the game is a ton of fun. I actually do have some minor worries about mid-to-long term replayability, but considering you could be playing this game for as little as $10 a month with Game Pass, it's absolutely worth taking the plunge.

    The trick is to understand that the voyages aren't "content" in any standard sense. They are just a means to get you out on the seas doing stuff. Operating the boat, boarding other ships, and other chaos along the way – THAT is the "content", and so far, it's been fun as hell to both play, and watch other people doing.

  2. I feel like someone from Bungie left and helped create this game. haha The vocabulary they use for this video is very similar to how they explained Destiny. Or am I crazy?

    Example: Become Legend – End Game content – Cosmetic items – Easter Eggs.

    The only complaint I have about this game is the combat. It's slow and it feels like if you get the first hit on someone or something you always win. They need like a dodge or roll away ability for characters. Or make block ability actually work, because I have seen that fail over and over. I'm just not sure the game is worth $60. Especially if they put cosmetics for sale in the game. Make the game free like Fortnite and people will feel like spending some money in the game is fine to do. That's my opinion.

  3. They show it like there's a lot of content in this game but actually it's not that much to do. The way to not get bored quickly is to have a good, friendly crew, that's the core of the game I guess, the co-op. I played alone or with strangers in final beta and I had enough after maybe 5-6 hours. The full game isn't bringing that much more to do. It's repetetive as hell. Go to marked island, fight some skeletons, return chest, repeat infinitly, or, take cages from merchant, find some god damn chickens or pigs, return them in time, repeat forever. Basically fetch quest hidden behind nice aesthetics. I admit dogfightes are quite enjoyable, galeons are powerful, but you can't stand a slight chance against them in sloop, never ever. For me Sea of Thieves is too expensive for a amount of content it has, and sometimes it feels like a pirate-themed chatroom with some additional features and not a full proper game. So again, playing with real friends is essential, quests on their own are boooring after few hours, no gamelore or any plot whatsoever. Please, I wish I could see more mechanics being added to make this game interesting. Arrr!

  4. No stats, character levels or upgradable outfits(armor). So all I’m working for is to say “hey his pants are different than my pants” not so sure about this game.

  5. I really hope you can completely custumize your ship/sails so no ship will look a like kinda like how they did the call of duty emblems for your sail.

  6. Microtransactions!!! Haven't the gaming companies learned their lesson yet? I personally will never buy another game that promotes that filthy business practice.

  7. Ahoy thar, 'ave sailed th' seas o' this stretcherin' world 'n i 'ave come face t' face wit' th' beats o' th' great blue 'n i tell ye thar be a lot t' see. I 'ave heard o' some legends o' almighty loot waitin' in th' depths o' th' Caspian sea 'n in th' bowels o' th' caves on th' isle o' whispers. Good luck sailor, cap'n El Savorinto

  8. For players who prefer playing with small 1-2 player teams, they would get their own server. Seems kinda jerkish having a massive galleion vs a small one man ship duke it out. Especially since Rare seems to be focusing on balance where all players are on equal footing

  9. Sad Rare no longer makes high quality single player adventure games anymore. Looks like a gash grab game that relies on the multiplayer aspect to give the environment any meaning… anyone else NOT have 4 friends that are always available when you're wanting to play the same game at the same time and length of time? These games get boring quick in my opinion. MS bailed on backing single player games or something. Thank you Sony.

  10. Only issues i have with this game is how well (or poorly) will my 10 year old pc handle this game? And where will i find 3 other close friends to play with? Really wanna play this game.

  11. I've been playing since the alpha and I must admit, I'm pretty excited. Can't wait to see what they have in store for us.

  12. Chest ideas

    Chest of tempest, storms form around your ship

    Chest of beacons, people can see where the chest is on the map

    Chest of jaws, sharks will circle your ship constantly

  13. 1. It's unfinished
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    10. You should've canceled your pre-order…

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