What Kingdom Come: Deliverance Can Teach Elder Scrolls

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is in many ways a more realistic survival take on The Elder Scrolls series and we think there are some lessons future Elder Scrolls games could learn from it.

Check out our review for Kingdom Come: Deliverance!

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  1. I love Elder Scroll, I have been playing it since morrowind. However KCD is the future of RPGS (hard mode) no fast travel, clean your clothes, think twice before try to be a hero, so many realistic things that make u thing in tactic and strategies.

  2. You rather a hardscore survival super realistic fustrating RPG ( with no save system and fast travel ) or an balanced fair and fun fantasy RPG? I prefer the second option

  3. I love how this the same as oblivion when the only thing that makes it the same is it’s an RPG poor choice of words man

  4. please, be careful with spoilers next time. Saying the millers were a secret organization of thieves can spoil that part of the game for future players…

  5. Honestly as far as Bethesda goes, I think they need to integrate Kingdom Come's Combat along with perhaps travel costs from daggerfall (sort of a short way of doing the food thing) and hell, armor degredation could come back, cause honestly I don't like crafting in skyrim, because it's like, why create the same thing that you can buy? if they had armor customization for aesthetics (like adding plumes to armor or using personal dyes) that would make crafting a lot more interesting, perhaps even do both, when you create armor it's kind of generic but then you take it to say the workbench and you can improve it as well as snazz it up a bit, but mainly I just want the combat, and honestly? the next game is most definitely in high rock, so they could even take DESIGN cues from Deliverance, as looking at Deliverance's outfit design kind of reminds me of Daggerfall!

  6. This is like comparing “goodfellas” to the tellytubbies.. Skyrim’s fun for extreme casual gameplay, KCD is for people who want to feel something more than the general hack and slash that today’s market provides a plethora of.

  7. I'm in love with Kingdom Come, but if Skyrim can teach them one thing is to put children and old folks in the game for more immersion, I mean the dragonborn! the great Dovakhin of Skyrim can play hide and seak with children, how beautiful is that lol

  8. I love COD but I noticed Bethesda dumbing games down to capture that market but all I think of is morrowind, oblivion or new vegas was better

  9. never finished an elder scroll game. interesting aspects of the games were drown out by all the low quality repetitive side quests and encounters, and worsened by main story lines which didn't matter to me.

    meanwhile couldn't stop playing kcd.

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