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The Secret Details Behind Metro Exodus' New Guns

In this exclusive Game Informer video shot while visiting 4A Games in Malta, art director Sergei “Karma” Karmalsky walks us through the full creative process behind making new guns for Metro Exodus and how the new arsenal compares to Metro: Last…

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  1. Why are the shells red? They are blue in the past games and since 2013 I think every 12 guage are blue not red aa

  2. Metro, an underrated game. It's atmospheric, compelling and simply beautiful. I love that it's set in Russia too, instead of America like most apocalyptic games.

  3. Loving how reckless he is talking about in game stuff because he made it like he was about to talk about dlc nearly a year before release he's clearly put alot of effort into the game

  4. this dev company have become a huge passionate team same as CDproyect. I cant wait to play Exodus (pre-order already ofcurse =P) and whatever games they make in the future

  5. Alright I'm back here after my first walkthrough and I can say, these weapons are the most realistic and satisfying guns in gaming history. 10 out of 10 job mr Karmalsky

  6. I’m visiting this comments section from the future and I can tell you that this game is really, really, really, really, really, really good.

  7. Great looking game, thanks for staying true to the series, fuck epic games, shame the publisher chose them instead.

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