Rainbow Six Siege Operation Chimera’s New Attackers

Operators Lion and Finka bring the pain to roamers with their new gadgets in R6 Siege’s latest DLC.

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  1. I clearly remember the same thing happening last year when Jackal was introduced specifically to counter the Pulse-Caveira hunter-killer combo (and Jaeger's spawn-peeking shenanigans).

  2. I like that they evened out the playing field for attack/defense. It makes the defenders hole up this time around. However, vigil has a useless gadget if he can't hide from the detection of lion. I feel like that should be a fix because it at least gives one defense operator a really good counter against lion. Other than that, looks pretty good.

  3. They are way to overpowered. Hell the only way they would be balanced if they only had pistols. This breaks the game. Pls dont do this ubisoft.

  4. They gave hackers a reason not to hack the game. #1 wall hackes # Boosts your aim, health, and speed.
    Like attackers aren’t afraid to push a objective anymore and now defenders have to play green light red light.

  5. Brace yourselves for the whiney noobs complaining to goobysoft on how the new operators should be nerfed because they’re too OP.
    Have fun with finka and lion while they’re still useful to play guys

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