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Metro Exodus – Exclusive Coverage Trailer

Game Informer is rolling out a full month of exclusive features covering Metro Exodus from 4A Games and publisher Deep Silver, follow the link to learn more.

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  1. I can’t wait for Exodus to come out, cause I have played Redux that had the other 2 games in it, that I loved to death. But now it’s open world (I think). I wonder if we’ll meet more dark ones.

  2. I just hope that the horror parts aren't dropped too. That creepy room filled with ghosts, the snapshot of the past where those who were suffering are still suffering and if you stay long enough you may just suffer that eternity with them.

  3. Ребята, при регистрации на подписку новостей, на оффсайте, нет месяца февраля. Идут 2 марта подряд.

  4. I'm so hyped for this game, ever since the first one i pledged myself to the series- reading all the books, getting the good endings, etc. And this looks AMAZING. Cannot wait, you guys are doing gods work!

  5. Only game thats keep getting better and better through out a series and I like atmosferic games, even if it is linear, I dont care. Metro with very limited space can show you a lot, unlike some big open world games.

  6. cannot fucking wait just finished the first metro finally after years of getting sidetracked and now working on last light….. cannot wait for exodus!!!

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