Kingdom Come: Deliverance: 7 Tips To Help You Survive

From books to blunt weapons, we’ve put together some tips to help you become the best knight you can be in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

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  1. I bested Captain Bernard with the actual shortsword and shield! I made him quit. Lol. He was talking shit the whole time. I’m not even that great yet either.

  2. Lmao saving is really easy and free do it as many times as you want consol or pc. Its called save and exit dun dun dunnnn save and load as much as you want save your gold and time takes bout 2 mins to exit save and log back in for anyone who dosent have pc/mod (consol) this is very useful.

  3. I just started playing this. A little late in the game, I know, but God have mercy on me I just couldn't get into Witcher 3. This game is like the perfect mix of Skyrim and Dragon Age, only with shitty bloom.

  4. Played it a couple of weeks after release and it was super buggy. Started a new game last week (July 2019) and its mostly fixed. A really enjoyable experience!

  5. After the quest when you have to escape the castle (first couple missions) to go back to skilatz, can you go back to the castle if you left your horse there?

  6. Played it since day one and have to say I haven't experienced a single bug/glitch or crash, maybe I've been lucky IDK. A good tip is stay with a less powerful bow, even if your strength is fairly high, eg- if your strength is 12 use a bow that requires around 6, it will wave about a lot less than a bow needing 10 or 11 strength

  7. Why couldn't they just make the combat system simple, just like Skyrim??!!! No matter how much you try to make it "realistic", it's still a game and you play it with mouse and keyboard!! Gosh, I just don't want to break my laptop for being so much frustrating with the game! Why can't I block with just 1 button, right mouse button, and just 1 attack button, left mouse button, why do I need to have 2 buttons for attack and direction of attacking, so stupid!!..and the fking soft auto lock-on thing, it all drives me NUT!!!

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