Dynasty Warriors 9 Review

A new open world breathes life into this ancient franchise.

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  1. What game should i get dynasty warriors 9 or dynasty warriors 8 empires (im on xbox one) i wanna play a new dynasty warriors but i dont really like to look of the new game

  2. The thing that made previous DW games so great was the mindlessness with which you could play it. It was a great game for when you're between other games, or if you just wanted to play something unintelligent after a long day. The story was always a little complicated, but was offset by the simplistic gameplay. Taking away the simplicity and introducing all of these complex themes and variations doesn't work with with an already convoluted story. The game just ends up making your head hurt. 7/10 is a very generous score; TOO generous. Whatever positives the game are overwhelmingly outweighed by how disappointing the negatives are. If it's not broke, don't fix it. Please take me back to when we were just dropped into some castles to wreck some faces and that was it.

  3. I love how everyone is just standing there in the most basic pose you can give an NPC. Landscapes look bad. Really wish they would try harder with this series! I used to love it as a kid.

  4. i have been playing Dynasty warriors since number 2. i have been seeing to many negative reviews, i think they are all wrong. dynasty warriors tells one of my favorite story's. Koi tells this story so well. i love every version of this game alot. to many reviewers put dynasty warrior 0 down but i think its awesome. i gave it a 9/10

  5. This comes to show how distant game journalists are with gamers themselves. Ignoring obvious issues and pointing out the major flaws in a AA or AAA title that should be much more. Have fun with your filthy paychecks and shitty reviews.

  6. Open world's fine, scenery is great I don't mind. But the game is full of bugs, too many common weapons, the so called 'variability' in terms of methods for you to play is kind of redundant. No matter what you do, you can't change history in this game. Wars you have to lose, you lose. Then what's the point? And the biggest mistake of the game (at lest in my opinion), is the hook shot thingy….. you can entirely skip the damn war and go rape the big boss instead of wasting time doing worthless side missions. Koei….just make an HD DW5 or something….

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