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Answering God Of War's Lingering Questions

In this special edition of The Game Informer Show, Ben Hanson asks God of War’s creative director Cory Barlog dozens of burning questions from the community in an exclusive interview about Kratos’ next journey on the PlayStation 4. Subscribe to…

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  1. *For anyone that's screaming for Repeatability for this game!*

    The repeatability is to play the story all over again! Smh… God of War is a classic for having a great storyline! This isn't the witcher bro!

    To say a comment like this… tells me you never played God Of War, your just in this for the hype of the game. I'm not taking shots, just stating a fact right now. You might wanna go back & play these games.

    God of War always had replay ability because of its epic boss matches… like his fight against Hermes! His fight against Hercules, his fight against the gotdamn "Sisters of Fate" smh wow…. those bring chills right now thinking about it. I played God Of War 1 5 times just to fight Ares & tackle Pandora's Temple across the Desert of Lost souls. That's repeatability! Not do stupid side quest after you beat the game…

    For example… Horizon good game. But there's nothing about this game that makes me want to play it over… I'm not going thru that storyline again… it was good but not great. The fights were ok, but nothing to cry home about.

    God of War should have moments that will say "Holy Shit… I want to do that over & over" like pulling an eyeball out of a Cyclops cause you need it's eye to get inside of a temple or something.

    Go back & play those game yo

  2. why are you pretending to write shit down, or if you are, why are you, theres no need for it, just questions, your jsut scratching 'questions' but you only ask one and scratch like 20 so wtf you have a laptop its anoying as fuck

  3. Answer me this, will there be a large system of equipment that is ripped from the realms in this new world that is much like Kratos' past weapons being ripped from the Greek gods' hands.

  4. Thank you Mr Barlog for referencing Mass Effect when it comes to making choices. As you were thinking of a game to relate to I was like, come on just say mass effect you know it!

  5. Cory Balrog seems like the kinda guy who loves what he does, and does what he loves. I bet picking his brain would be a lovely experience.

  6. Would've loved to hear what other cultures were considered besides nordic mythology. Christianity or Egyptian myths would've been cool.

  7. I doubt anyone from the dev or marketing team will read this but I'll say it in the off chance that they do. Thanks for making the game without micro transactions, season passes or several purchasing tiers. I gave you the $60 on PS4, I'll be keeping an eye out for your future releases too.

  8. I hope that by the time this series is finished, the original trilogy will be seen as more like first act build up in a vast character arc that will focus not on the destruction on the greek pantheon so much, but on the fall and redemption of Kratos. Even though this 2018 game has just been released, there could have been a chance of it becoming a novel branch off, but actually they've used the move to the world of norse mythology not to create a fun little "what if" adventure, but as a watershed moment in what I hope the series will soon become.

  9. I have a question which is about the gameplay itself in the game. Is there a way to unlock the realms of Valhala, Asgard and the third locked one which I forgot?

  10. 18:42 u can see shadows in his walls in the background. Now why would a man doing a short interview have people in the room with him. They could sneeze cough trip yell anything. And it’s on a laptop or what have you.
    I brandon phipps have just found proof of the afterlife! Now if some one would be so kind as to get science to give me my mother fucking money.

  11. I want to know where artemis is in all of this. She was lightly referenced in the like 1st or 2nd game? when you got the blade of artemis, but thats it. She would have been a perfect character or even psuedo companion to kratos because she also hated the Gods even though she was the Goddess of the hunt. She actually sequestered herself much like freya did (except not forcefully) to hide away from the Gods and was also known to have a boar companion that she sent to kill another God. So where is she? Because Kratos definitely didnt kill her, and i think she would be a good surprise and addition to the game.

  12. Does anybody else think that there are multiple universes in the god of war franchise? That would explain the multiple creation stories that come with each pantheon. Freya did say that the god's of THESE realms don't take kindly to outsiders.

  13. Cory is one of the most down-to-earth people in the business I've seen! Being humble and nice is so underrated in my opinion!

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