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4A Games Reveals Scope Of Metro Exodus' World

In this exclusive Game Informer interview, Metro Exodus’ creative director Andiry “Prof” Prokhorov and executive producer Jon Bloch talk about the blending of open-world games like STALKER and the atmospheric tone of games like Metro: Last Light…

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  1. The 'frozen stories' could be done in hologram style like in The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. Also I liked the little ghost segment that was in one of the first games. If you make that a little more subtle and hard to spot it could come across real nice as a little aside.

    You guys did very well with limited resources and now you have much more money I can see this is going to be an amazing game. Count me in.

    Also open space is awesome but some levels still in the Metro surely.

  2. Also… potential for a Metro: World game? Add all the locations from the other games but allow people to ride trains in a free-roaming style.

    I think a key feature of this game is, like the others use multiple choice throughout. Just my two cents.

  3. I still feel like it would be cool if they adopted a level design like Dark Soul's. It's a linear game but everything is connected, it would be really cool to go back and forth at will and then finding a shortcut back to other areas.

  4. Did anyone see what was on the whiteboard?? Huge spoilers! There looks as if there will be a day/night cycles as there is beds in the rest areas!!

  5. It would be awesome if you could find some helpful items that artyom has left behind. Like in his small un-shown adventures on the surface but also in the metros. They could help out in long term by means of gear or just lore or even having his dog tags on a item that you see a lot, like your backpack or something. Small things you can find throughout that are aesthetics or that will help you out in the game, like armor or special weapon items or a unique weapon. Just a thought y'all. ??‍♂️

  6. Something that scare me is that what amount of water it will have? I dont want a map like Fallout4 that 35% was water with nothing to do, and in metro you "cant" swim because of the radiated water

  7. Fps with too big of an open world doesn't work period. They need to make the levels linear but with some exploration to make the player feel engrossed in the environment enough to advance the story

  8. "Huoston we have trouble" haha 😀 Looking forward to this game. It's always nice when you ge the feel you can trust a publisher. Had the same feeling when Witcher 3 was about to drop. Maybe releasing a game without the overbearing pressure of corporate giants is the way to go?

  9. Go fuck yourself 4A game metro would be nothing with out pc and now you threaten the same community. GO FUCK YOURSELF, AND YOU CAN SHOVE DENUVO UP YOUR ASS. cant wait to pirate and seed the shit out of it, and Lord bless CPY and CODEX.

  10. As long as it’s all true and performance is great on final delivery and reviews are good. This is a buy for me. I loved STALKER SOC. Nothing today still has been able to replicate that atmosphere the game sets. I hope Exodus comes close.

  11. big negative things about this game when i played was! very short side quests it took 2 minute or even less to finnish them! boring side quests! no too mony monsters and boring boss fights! forced long cut scenes you can´t skip! this metro game is worst than two other metro games! next time do longer missions and let us play not don´t make this game too cinematic! put more content for the players and make the game longer!

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