20 Minutes of Outbreak – Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak Gameplay

Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Chimera brings a new mode called Outbreak to PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Check out 20 minutes of brand-new gameplay!

Check out more on the new attackers here!

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  1. disapointing. Because of Rainbow 6's prestige, I was hoping for a more realistic, horror shooter. Something like quarantine meets The Raid…This is just too…similar. I feel like I played this game already.

  2. does anybody know why or have a logical reason as to why they would put work into something like this and only have it for a limited time? It seems so idiotic to me that they wouldnt just leave it in the game.

  3. What’s with the player shaking his hand like a skits left and right? If you plan on making a video, might as well record someone who isnt going to shake their hand periodically. Maybe turn off your aimbot so you arent fighting it?

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