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The Pitch For Reimagining God Of War

Game Informer interviews God of War’s creative director Cory Barlog and Sony Santa Monica studio head Shannon Studstill about the decision to reimagine the entire series for Kratos’ first adventure on the PlayStation 4.

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  1. Franchise I can't wait you guys are amazing greatest game past present and in immediate future I I have one kid a boy and he is 8 I love this game from the bottem to the top of me heart.

  2. I know I'm late to this but the trend in gaming is not slower, mature, linear stories. It's open world, "games as services", microtransaction traps. Cory is spot on in his analysis of what devs think gamers want and what we actually crave.

  3. I noticed in the b roll shots of the team working on the video game programming etc in other interviews, and I was really surprised at number of women working there. Now, knowing that the company is woman-lead, it makes perfect sense. Great to see woman leadership in this industry, showing that women can also lead the charge in creating successful action themed works, and that you don't need the whole team to consist of men to tell manly stories.

  4. They knocked it out of the park off the planet and yet they are inhumanely humble about it. Someone give this man and his team a medal.

    Also cake.

  5. It is a craft,,one of the signs that the game industry is maturing is the fact that its becoming an art. No dout its not jus silly fun anymore, games are becoming deep meaningful and artistic narratives, without forgoing the gameplay of course, and that makes me very happy and proud to be a part of the gaming community. Cory deserves many praises for what he did with god of war. I never played a gow game before, but now i am a fan!

  6. The Norse storyline was beautiful to play be now I think about it wasn’t it one of the worst things to do? Hear me out here, the Norse mythology is a cycle since it always ends up with ragnarok happening and the world being destroyed and reborn. The next step would be to head and go for Thor and Odin etc but after that since the “world” will be reborn or remade then kratos and Atreus would also be stuck in that cycle right, so instead of being able to move on to like Cory said egypt or the mayans it would be difficult to make happen because of this unless there is a point I’m missing that will allow them to move on.

  7. Cory is the best director any developer company could ever have,this guy actually CARES about video games,AND it is the most effective director,everything he does its top tier! i mean,what else can you ask for?

  8. After playing this game numerous times and completing it's hardest difficulty I can say that it is one of my favourite games ever. The story, the combat, the visuals all make this game a real masterpiece. Nothing felt over used or exhausting and no boring mechanics. Leaving the double jump in the past and going for a close combat camera was a brilliant decision and I think probably the most important gameplay aspect. Il be playing this again for sure. After pissing off a few Norse God's that we hadn't met yet in this game, I'm sure we will see this setting again.

  9. The way he explained the "open world craze", that's going on right now is exactly on point to my thoughts. I'm so tired of endless, pointless, side quests and trillions of collectables! I love the world design of God of War. It is linear story driven game but in open playing areas and secrets waiting to be discovered. The pacing for this game is absolutely perfect and if it was open world, it would ruin the pacing and make the game into an endless collectathion with stupid fetch quest's. Thank you Cory and the development team for this masterpiece! My favorite game of the year hands down and one of my favorite games that I've EVER played! Going back to beat it for a third time and possibly the most valuable game that I've ever spent $60 on. Thank you Sony as well for taking this risk and giving us this game. Please bring more of these types of games to the market. We are starving for them!

  10. Damn I remember when i playedthe first GOW and i was stunned and that was when i was in high school.
    Now i have a family and I cannot believe the huge turn around this game made not to mention that I have stick to the Play Station thanks to this game!

  11. This game is so much better than I thought it would be. I thought GOW1 blew my mind when it came out and GOW2 was great too, but I didn’t really like GOW3 all that much. I mean it was good and fun but not a game I ever went back to. This is the best GOW IMO.

  12. “Open world games felt like homework” I honestly couldn’t have said it, or rather, thought it better myself. Nowadays, there is a surplus of empty open world games with tedious side quests. Playing these games truly feels like a chore so games like God of War really felt like a breath of fresh air to the industry.

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