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The Coolest Armor In Monster Hunter: World

Tack and Hanson page through some of the coolest gear available for your Monster Hunter: World character as well as your Palico, including some end-game options that could be considered spoilers!

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  1. Am I the only one bothered by this guy tediously selecting each piece of armor? I don't believe he really got this far in the game without learning how to view sets… DUDE, HIT LEFT!

  2. You don’t even know shit from he franchise. It was never about being cool, it was all about your skills that the armor had. Scrubs like you who think they know what they’re talking about ruins the game for everyone

  3. This game needs to come out on PC already. I can't wait to play it. I got a ps4 but it's kind of old and might explode running this xD. The good side of the games delay on PC is I get more time to get my 1080ti if the prices will ever go back down to normal.

  4. Instead of pressing preview on each individual piece, just go over to the monster's name and press square and it will equip every item for you

  5. My follow up question is for everyone. I want to take a vote. Do u guys dress ur hunters to look badass or are the stats more important to you. So basicly dead but dressed to kill or alive but kicking??? Lol

  6. Mans social life goes down, no gf so picks a female character to fill the void. Getting a gf then becomes harder because real girls don't look as hot as the one you created, the one that doesn't actually exist lol tragic.

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