PSA: Don't Buy A 4K TV Without This Important Feature

4K TVs have dramatically come down in price recently, and with the holidays approaching, you may be thinking about picking one up. But before you buy, here’s an important PSA for you: Don’t buy a 4K TV without HDR.

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  1. I dont watch TV. very rarely… but one to watchy videos, movies and anime, would be cool. Movies/Anime on a monitor arent very good, in your bed looking at a tv should bettter. But i alrrady have much ahit to buy… being poor is fucked up. I dont even know of im gonna get fired tomorrow… i can barely keep a job

  2. Is it worth getting a 4k tv if I don’t have a uhd player or ps4 pro? I know 4k TVs scale up content to 4k and I have a lot of ps4 games that are hdr compatible, but I’m unsure if it’ll be worth it…

  3. Why? In two to five years you will have to deal with Atsc 3.0 Tv's or buy a Atsc 3.0 settop box tuner For your tv that you have now (History repeats) Plus unless the "content" is made in "true" 1080p 60 or 4k60p "it's all upscale bs". And we are getting the "shaft". Nothing from 1925 to 1990's can not be made in true 1080p60 it can only be up'ed scaled and some only to 480I/P…….I am not buying a 4k hdr tv now and Get the shaft Ae: Atsc 3.0. I will keep my 1080I/p tv for now. I will wait untill atsc 3.0 4k comes out and even then i mite not…..Because there is not "Enough" real/true content in 1080p60 and 4kp60. To much hipe…..

  4. please tell me 5 games that use hdr… and 5 cable tv that use HDR…. so as you see is just another useless shit to make consumers to pay more now for something that could be used in the future… what about a good tv, with good size for good value, that would be to much isn't ???

  5. People, I'm sorry. I'm brazilian, and can someone help me? I want to buy a 4K with my wife, but there are 2 tv's showed on promotion. It's a K 43UK6310PSE and a 4K LG 43UK6520PSA. Both TV's have the same inches and are on the same price, but if you see there are differents code numbers for each of it. Besides, one is "PSE" and another is "PSA". Someone knows the difference between both? Which is better? I'm sorry for my terrible English, but tks anyway! I hope I can get all the help from you. 😀

  6. Bruh I got the $400 49'in poloroid it's non-hdr but has features like full rgb color, 100hz monitor although some hdr overdoes it on TV's bc it's just too much color

  7. wow, these HDR images look amazing………on my non HDR laptop. I can see all these vibrant colors fine on a normal screen. people just seem to turn the contrast setting down till it is almost black and white so HDR looks better by comparison.

  8. I bought one of the first 4K TVs and patiently awaited the 4K Blu-ray player to watch 4K blu-rays Little did I know that HDR would come out and my 4K TV would pretty much become useless

  9. Just upgraded to ps4 pro, bought a 55" 4k with hdr10 and Android/google home for $400…..SO FREAKIN WORTH IT. my first ps4 was a used model from GameStop, so this time i wanted to spoil myself. Ps ALL OLED tv's were $800+(for a 42")!! to get the same features i got on an oled was $1200!

  10. Hdr has to be a real one on. On video I can see just cheating hdr it's more bright burn your eyes and you see more colors… interesting because with hdr off I can see some benefits like some missing details, and on the opposite. Honestly since when tn panel got so much shirt angle vision ? Since 4K .. black level shit ? Since 4K … hdr fake ? Since 4K too .. local dimming light missing ? I stop here… just 4K is so much expensive that affordable screen are sold without all important technology around the fhd 1080p period. Well that's my opinion maybe I'm wrong…

  11. Your description of OLED IS WAY OFF!! OLED displays are not back-lit period. The pixels are self-emmissive so they generate their own light. As for HDR it is worth knowing that there are 4 different standards of HDR (typical that all the manufacturers can't agree on one) HDR10, HLG, Advanced HDR by Technicolour (they colour about 70% of all Hollywood movies) and Dolby vision. LG TV's are the only brand I know of as of 2018 that can play all 4 types of HDR. I am also led to believe LG have the lowest input lag for gamers

  12. i am buying the latest samsung q70r tv but i am worried how to play the 4k hdr movies dwnlded frm torrent in the best way possible coz i play frm hdd but i doubt if i get the original 4k that m looking for any suggestions?

  13. guys, please dont buy TCL brand, youd just be supporting another low end CHINESE brand, spend a few extra $ and support companies from countries that actually give a shit about their consumers and products

  14. I need one low price not out of box, but new unopened & can't pay a lot so limited to good brand, cuz spent a lot if want ps5 etc and ps plus. I wish both bundled.

  15. 1. HDR is overrated.
    2. Without OLED or Plasma you will not notice any deeper black levels…
    3. It is not much more colorful… it is partially a bit more colorful and over all brighter.
    4. Dolby Vision is even more overrated than "normal" HDR10.

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