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New Gameplay Today – Soulcalibur VI

Cork and Imran Skype in from their remote hideaways to discuss the new characters, abilities and more in Bandai-Namco’s upcoming Soulcalibur VI.

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  1. To all the people hating on the gameplay, smh they definitely haven't even worked out the combo system proper yet, there's no way anyone would be good at this game so early in development.

  2. I have a feeling that this game may lose SC's… soul. Like, characters get a minor boost in graphics since SCV and IV, 1st trailer was a mere 1v1 match in a nutshell with zero story reveal and a new major character/villain reminds TOO much of a typical Anime character…

  3. The "Chronicles of the Sword" mode in Soul Calibur III and the character customization really made that game for me, especially as someone whose not adamantly into fighting games for pvp. I hope they bring something like that to the table.

  4. I would love to see a alucard from castlevania. From the Wii game. His ultimate had him gaining blackwings and using his sword with magic to attack the. enemy. Also crazy choice geralt from witcher 3.

  5. Gameplay looks fluid, I'm definitely looking forward to this.

    As for guest characters, I wanna see Dante, Wolverine and a Dark Souls character in this.

  6. Grøh would be pronounced like Gruh, since scandinavian 'Ö' and 'Ø' are both 'Uh'. Kratos, Nariko or Aloy would be cool guest characters for the Ps4 version.

  7. The people said that there's a possibility that they will put character creation in Soul Calibur 6. Dynasty did a video talking about Soul Calibur 6 and he showed the response that they put

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