Monster Hunter: World The First Hour Early Preview

Checking out the first hour of Monster Hunter: World including character creation, early quests, early monsters, crafting and more!

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  1. Definitely buying this. One of the main things holding Monster Hunter back was being on the WiiU and 3ds in my opinion, as fun as those consoles are, so having such a visually appealing Monster Hunter game is looking great.

  2. Well looks like ill have my hands full and have to throw the games i'm playing out the window heh pre-order comes in today :3 for me atleast

  3. Yeah I never gave MH a chance. Never said it was a bad game but it never was able to pull me in but I definitely got pulled into this one and will definitely be a franchise fan.

  4. I'm obviously a big Dragon Ball Z fan I have to play that game.. but I've been on the fence about getting this game as well a lot of my friends are getting it. But I don't want to fall victim to Hype so hopefully this game looks good.

  5. For those of you worried about spending an hour on character creation and not being able to see your character's face there is a hide helmet option in the settings.

  6. Nice vid…. The only thing I have to comment on. When you said you made a male in the beta so you made an excuse about going as a female. Dont do that. if you want to make a female make one. Who cares what other people think. I personally females are great and have more to offer. Just my opinion.

  7. All I see are kids whining that it looks bad or that they're inexperienced with MMO's and don't want to even try it. Which is fine. Stay away and let people who enjoy the series and genre to have some fun. We don't need or want you here. From one gamer to all you cry babies. 😀

  8. I'd like to ask if these features/activities available on game?? 1) Area Fishing 2) Herbs/Fruits/Plant Farming 3) Barbecue Cooking 4) Stats Building 5) Potion Mixing 6) Weapon Enhancing 7) Armor Making 8) Mineral Picking/Mining 9) Buying/Selling 10) Monster Hunting

  9. Anyone else read Gamespot's review and realize they probably didn't play the full game? Multiplayer does not have a 12 character code to play with friends. That was a beta feature. The multiplayer with friends is as easy as an invite. 8/10 because we didn't actually play the full game.

  10. Just started to play the game Friday. Immediately I noticed the larger/boss monsters are more forgiving when they attack you when compared to the games in the past. Sure, some of their moves do knock you down, but they weren't as bad as the past games where just about every movement from the monster had you stumbling all over the place.

    The monster farts, your character goes flying across the map. The monster blinks, your characters kidney explodes. The monster sneezes, well your character just lost a leg. It was that bad.

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