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How Kratos' Axe Changes God Of War's Combat

In this exclusive Game Informer interview, God of War’s lead gameplay designer Jason McDonald from Santa Monica Studio talks about designing the new game on the PlayStation 4 and how the team is hoping to make Kratos’ axe Leviathan as satisfying…

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  1. Kratos' first meeting with Thor:
    T: So I heard you were a god-killer…
    K: Yes, but I've changed. I have a son and an axe that comes back whenever I throw it.
    T: Wow! I have a hammer that does that exact same thing!
    K: Hm, seems we both have good taste for weaponry.
    T: My thoughts exactly! Now what about your abilities? I have ultimate control over thunder and lightning, what about you?

  2. So what lore-wise happened to his original weapons? I'm not saying I need to find out now, I'm just hoping it gets explained as well as why he's suddenly in a different world.

  3. Yay! Let's implement some weird looking zombie enemies instead of humans and replace blood by shiny orange liquid so kids can play our game too!

  4. 3 main ways:
    1. Its an axe, not twin blades.
    2. Its not on a chain.
    3. It doesn't have to be used to attack, unlike the chains that were bound to his hands.

  5. The visual concept is also vastly different. Kratos is no longer a small dot on a huge arena filled with hordes of creatures, he is now more up-close in environments that have depth and life.

  6. After seeing a lot of gameplay I wish the kid wasn’t there lol. I know I’m gonna like the game and all but sheesh I’d rather fight alone with Kratos

  7. So basically thing of it as 3rd person playable like the last of us… but with kratos this time..???.. I hope I get the satifaction like I did on the previous games… Gotta say this game looks dope…

  8. Man o man! if someone would pay for it. I'd get the Leviathan Axe tattooed as full size as possible so it looks like its hanging my back.

  9. I just wish this game would be a hack n slash … like the previous GoW. 🙂 Why change the formula? To please witcher and dark souls fans?

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