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God Of War's Developers On Finally Finishing The Game

In this exclusive Game Informer interview, creative director Cory Barlog and Santa Monica studio head Shannon Studstill discuss how much work is left in the PlayStation 4 game’s development and why the game has been so challenging to create…

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  1. I just thought Cory was cool before all these videos, I love that he made #2 but now I have a deeper appreciation for him and there aren’t many game people that I get that from

  2. Think I'm gonna have to buy this game release date along with the collectors strategy guide book for 40$. Tough decision since I'm wantin to get a switch soon as possible

  3. Knowing now how crazily high the reviews are, I'm so happy for the team and all the work they've put in. They really pulled it off and deserve all the accolades they've got coming. GOTY for sure

  4. I feel bias as this is my favorite franchise of all time. But when I started playing it in my late teens, fast forward to now playing this GOW approaching 30. I am STOKED that I have an expansive world of GOD of WAR at its roots to explore really until I** say its done… I know I missed a bunch of stuff… and i'm only just leaving Midguard… but all that preceded will be completed and like the rest I will platinum this game. I love that its a huge adventure that I get to pretty much decide what genre I want to play WITHIN my favorite franchise, with my favorite studios style and direction. I was a bit worried, but now I am NOTHING but surprised and totally didn't expect what I'm doing in this game. I love demons' souls, Diablo III ROS, Call of Duty, DOOM, Uncharted 4, MVC3, SFV, Dragonball Fighters Z all of it… so when i get to play all that in one EPIC tie in that is GOW… I can't get enough!

  5. One thing that is bothering me is where it says a certain RELIC or whatever they call it will "Perk" permafrost etc etc… it should say "PROC" like the random act of an AOE taking place due to an action… is a PROC… there it is! my only complaint lol…. (kinda minor) so keep going Cory! and if "FOR HONOR" played with the INSTANT RESPONSE this game did Oh my… Basically… give us a VS mode or something more story… not quests… this game is totally different when you put like a "Challenge ladder" in there… add one new weapon boom, everything changes and its fresh again…. omg make it last forever!! lol WELL DONE SONY SANTA MONICA!!!!

  6. They did such a great job with this game. I had sworn off buying games at launch after xenoblade on the switch but I made an exception for this game and I’m glad I did. These are the types of studios that deserve day one purchases.

  7. Could have been the sickest game ever, but the ending ruined it, could have been so much better, for the god of war the ending was trash he just threw bullshit dust and killed a guy that doesn't feel anything. Dumbest fucking ending ever.

  8. I hope they know that they did something truly incredible. It really is on a pedestal beyond what most reviewers would give an obligatory 9 or 10/10 to.

  9. They should of added a more variety of kills when killing enemies.
    Like the troll, you kill every troll the exact same way except for the first one
    You elbow the shit out of him, punch him in the head, dig your axe into his face and then crush his head with his own totem thing.
    Since the trolls are bosses they should have all been at least a little different, their attacks were a little different but the way you kill them isn't.
    and the smaller enemies, they should of made at least three different kill animations for each one.
    That was the only big thing I didn't like about the game, overall the game is pretty good an 8.5/10

  10. I love the fact that the CEO actually doesn't know shit about what she's talking, and I think that's why Cory keeps smirking every time she says something.

  11. It's been a few months since release and I gotta say, you guys look drained. But your work is very much appreciated. This game has been a huge success and will live down as one of GOWs greatest triumphs. Your sleepless nights and frustration throughout production was not in vain!

  12. Look into this, not to be negative but you could feel the tension between them. They really put there’re all into this game and was working to make something great but you could tell it was at a cost. In the end, i hope it was worth it and they learn to appreciate each other for differences in order to make the next game more incredible.

  13. I intentionally searched for GoW developer interview after seeing CD Project Red developers praising their game, giving all those empty promises etc.
    Shows you the integrity of Santa Monica Studio. Respect to Cory and the team.

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