Dragon Ball FighterZ Review

Will Dragon Ball FighterZ meet the expectations of anime and fighting game fans? Will the multiplayer servers hold up after launch? Find out next time when GameSpot puts together it’s final review!

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  1. This game is the best but even I can tell that this game isn’t casual friendly, unless you’re really good there’s almost no way to get in and rush your opponent. Plus the flying rush thing is super punishable and predictable so yeah casuals are gonna have a real hard time.

  2. Why does the ginuy force stick poses? Why didn't krillen have a nose?
    0/10 lack of character… lol
    In a nutshell of gamespot and ign reviews

  3. Am I the only one who enjoys the small character list and the lack of costumes? The small list allows an easier balance towards characters, having all characters in dragon Ball ever made is to overwhelming, and guys cmon, are you really picking on a game for lack of character costumes? Does that really ruin the game just because your character can’t look fancy?

  4. Budikai 3 was better, this one isn't true 3d! The graphics are better but I'm not buying it. Xenoverse 2 & Budikai 3 are the tops for me.

  5. Honest review after buying and playing for few months now, the game is average. I'll give it 4 out of 10. The Arcade mode is either too easy or impossible to play. Only positive is playing online….but consider the price of the game, it is not worth the money!!!!

  6. A DBZ game where there's
    1. No flying, no aerial combat
    2. No beam struggles
    3. No in game transformations

    I feel like everyone is drunk nowadays. A DBZ game needs to be DBZ first and fighting second. These 3 are some of the most important mechanics every DBZ game should have.

    That said, the fighting is very fun.

    7/10 for me. Still pails in comparison to BT3.

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