Dragon Ball FighterZ – 4K Full Matches Gameplay | Goku, Black, Beerus, Hit

We’ve got the newest fighters to enter the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster in glorious 4K resolution! Enjoy a couple full matches of Goku Black, Hit, Beerus, and more.

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  1. DBFZ is so easy to learn just train against the computer, i loving fighting games myself, and i was playing ranked matches yesterday with Frieza,Buu & Beerus and mannnnn. The first 1min i was getting my ass handed to me frieza got down to half health then i got Buu out once he came in it was like a light switch. I started doing some Goku shit seeing all my mistakes and openings i was letting dude hit me with Vegeta, then bam i started learning and reading dude moments. I was calling beerus with his support attack and frieza getting 40 to 50 hit combos with specials from Kid Buu it was insane and i won the match with all three of my ppl alive frieza is a killer alone by himself, Buu is your main support attack cuz his ball energy follows you full screen and Beerus can play hard Defense, long/mid range keep away & close punish for Kid Buu or Frieza to pull off insane combos with it really felt like the show playing it. It was badass Great Game…..👍

  2. I do see that animation that plays everytime new opponent enters might become annoying at some point. Does anyone know if there are beam struggles in this game? Doesnt look like it.

  3. Why why why can there be permanent form on Super Sayian Gotenks but not Goku, that is my fav form of Goku and it is only used in final attack:(((

  4. I don't exactly know why but when Hit and Ginyu clashed i found it Hilarious…

    I think it may have been because i thought it was a fight between 2 purple men, one who was always Horny and the Other who Fucks you before you even realise what's happening…

  5. I only wish the cutscenes of the game would be more cinematic rather then pressing A each time also license to the original music for the real Dragonball Super spirit.

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