New Tomb Raider Game Revealed – GS News Roundup

Devil May Cry HD Collection revealed for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and a new Beyond Good & Evil 2 video shows off the game’s progress!

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  1. I hope the game stands alone by itself in a storyline. Though I liked the last game, it was a bit annoying how I beat the storyline but then had to go back do a bunch of side missions to actually finish the game. I'd sooner just have an awesome campaign and be done with it.

  2. Please just make the next Tomb Raider better than the previous 2 reboots. They are okay but I want something that is going to be really challenging, the thing is some tombs and puzzles should not be optional. Like its TOMB raider bro…
    Ive played Lara since I was really young and I love her character. But not this whiny weak Lara that is recently being made. Origin story or not I want Lara like the old games. (Not trying to hate on the current Lara but she really does not feel like Lara to me)
    Also a new completely change of scenery every now and then would be nice, not the same terrain with slight changes.


  3. tomb raider on pc rules. I'm playing Tomb Raider
    2013 Video Game
    awesome iv all ready finished it when it came out on 360 and xbox one/ but on my uber pc rig it just owns. ill buy rise of the tomb raider next and how goes on pc to

  4. I have been a Lara Croft fan for years now, but I wish the new TR was actually an open map and you didn't have to kill everyone just to get to the next level. I miss the Legend/Anniversary/Underworld game-play. Crystal Dynamics listen to our cries please

  5. I dont went another shit tomb raider like those two last one I went tomb raider like nicobass did in his demo , those last ones are not a tomb raider games .

  6. Omg i just watched This woman in Tomb Raider reboot Holy Awesomeness you are absolutely a badass!!! I loved this movie so much better than the old Tomb Raiders with Angelina Jolie the action, the stunts and even her acting was so much better sorry Angelina!!!

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