GTFO – World Premiere Gameplay Trailer | The Game Awards 2017

Take a look at the first gameplay trailer for GTFO, a 4 player co-operative experience, that premiered at The Game Awards 2017.

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  1. Essentially the title means two things. One, the actual objective of the game, get wtv the warden wants and gtfo. Two, people who are too bitchy about the game, gtfo

  2. I have noticed there is one stark difference from this game and payday 2 yet both games play in very similar ways…kind of. In payday 2 its not uncommon to trigger security often and have lots of enemies fighting you, stealth is often disregarded even though it is an option and can be done. In this game its rather the opposite where you instead want to be stealthy rather than guns blazing despite the fact you can to some extent be guns blazing. Its an interesting contrast…also payday 2 takes itself less seriously than this game does, but thats not that is a bad thing x3.

  3. game came a long way, i remember when this trailer came out and being hyped that it was made from the devs that made payday. overall i feel like it was a really solid scary game with great sound, environment, enemies, and graphics

  4. I watch this trailer every once in a while just to remind myself how this game started vs how it is now. Gotta be honest, the developers have come a long way and I personally cannot wait to see what future horrors lay down in that pit

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