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Designing Mega Man 11's New Look

While visiting Capcom’s headquarters in Osaka, Game Informer sat down with Mega Man 11’s art director Yuji Ishihara to talk about his history within the company (on games like Mega Man Legends and Battle Network) and the giant task of updating…

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  1. This guy is my freaking inspiration, but not without mentioning GameFreak's own Ken Sugimori. The two have styles I've always felt looked so comfortable, and timeless.

    It's great hearing Yuji reference Akira Toriyama as one of his inspirations, as I've always felt the original Mega Man art carried this sort of Toriyama-esque flavor. But really, Mega Man's always had that. It must be his eyes! XD

  2. I was always more fan of the designs of the X Series, especially of X5's Haruki Suetsugu (Sensei) and the illustrations of Command Mission's Ryuji Higurashi, but I always found a certain "spirit" or "charm" to Ishihara's designs even before knowing the guy's name xD (especially for Battle Network ) and being a fan of Dragon Ball and knowing that this great artist was inspired by another great artist like Toriyama (whose designs are also very "charming" to me) makes me very happy (and adds another thing to my list of connections between my favorite Manga / Anime and my favorite video game franchise .), and I can't forget about Fujiko Fujio, who a lot of people like me would remember because of Doraemon, another charming series with charming designs. And, if the connections weren't enough, here in latin america Kid Goku's voice actress was Nobita's and Goku's seiyuu Masako Nozawa was the second voice of Doraemon, so yeah, this video is perfect xD I can't wait to see more of Ishihara, not only for MM11 but for future Megaman games. The franchise is not dead people, it is now more than ever that we must have hope and support these new products, who knows if, the next time the franchise dies, may be the last and by that moment it will be too late to give them our support.

  3. They're showing all the hard work being put into this game, then probably going to trash it on release like they've done in the past. Can't wait…

  4. They're just gonna trash Mega Man into the garage bin again soon after this game is released along with some other things Mega Man related

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