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Watch Us Fight Barroth In Monster Hunter: World

Game Informer’s Jeff Cork and Ben Hanson show off their fight against the mud-loving Barroth in the Wildspire Waste map.

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  1. Barroth was the first monster I ever died to back when I was a noob. Kept glancing off its damn mud. Now days I look back on those memories and laugh at myself for the scrub I was. Good times.

  2. i want to like this game so please sell me on it. everything looks so bullet spongy and the combat looks so dull….. the monsters and the idea is so interesting that i am seriously wanting to buy in…. but what am i missing about the combat that people enjoy?

    Unrevealed new large monsters:

    Vaal Hazak

    (I presume the rest of the list is small monsters)

    Unrevealed returning large monsters:

    Pink Rathian
    Azure Rathalos
    Black Diablos
    Oroshi Kirin
    Kushala Daora

    So a couple of notable things. First of all, no new subspecies, but I believe that's actually typical of non-G-rank games. Also, there are only 4 subspecies total.

    Chameleos is not coming back, but Lunastra is.

    Xeno'jiiva's positioning suggests that it is an elder dragon and related to Nergigante and Zorah Magdoros somehow. It's probably an endgame elder dragon – perhaps the monster at the end of the new trailer?

    There are a couple of monsters here that are for certain volcano monsters. If this leak is comprehensive, that means that there will likely not be a Tundra, and that the volcano is the only unrevealed map. Speaking of which, we don't know that this leak is comprehensive.

    Given the amount of time left until release, it might not be a comprehensive leak. The game comes out late January, and it's late October now – there are about three months left, and given the pace at which trailers have been coming out there's going to be one or two more trailers. If there are only four more new monsters to show then they blew their load way too fast, especially considering that Xeno'jiiva is likely an elder dragon that we won't see until the game is out.

    Another point in the favor of this list not being comprehensive: Kushala suggests the presence of a cold map. He does show up in temperate climates sometimes but I would expect that they wouldn't have Kushala in the game without a Tundra.

    The name "Bazelguese" sounds like the name of the star Betelguese. I don't think this is a coincidence – it's likely a dominant monster of its territory. I don't know what to think of Vaal Hazak and Dodogama.

    The returning monsters give us an interesting list. Lots of elder dragons, and Lunastra is a surprise. No metal Raths (thank fucking god). Nice to see Jho return.

    Also, here's the monsters divided by weapon elements:

    Fire: Rathalos (+sub), Rathian (+sub), Lavasioth, Uragaan, Anjanath, Lunastra?
    Water: Great Jagras, Jyratodus?
    Ice: Kushala Daora, Legiana, Oroshi Kirin
    Thunder: Kirin, Tobi-Kadachi
    Dragon: Deviljho, Alatreon
    Poison: Pukei-Pukei, Rathian
    Para: Great Girros, Tzitzi Ya-Ku?
    Sleep: Paolumu? Radobaan
    Blast: Teostra, Lunastra?

    So we have a lot of fire monsters and it seems like most other categories are short. I would hope that they spread them somewhat evenly, but if the only remaining map is a volcanic map that means we're going to have a ton of fire weapons with everything else short. This is another thing that, to me, points to this leak not being comprehensive, though I do believe it is accurate since I don't see how someone could just guess the names of the three new monsters.

  4. Something feels off about every fight and every event here. They all feel lifeless and don't response to your attacks. Every attack lacks impact the animations are stiff and dated especially for the charterers. Every enemy is an arrow/bullet/blade/hp sponge. Fights lasts forever and behind repetitive mid way. Everything feels bland and pointless. And the music repeats every second and generally annoying.
    I love some Capcom games like DD but this isn't even close.
    It's just an MMO style game…

  5. I remember being stuck on this guy for a whole year back when he was introduced in mh3 on the Wii. It was my first monster hunter game and since this game is somewhat similar regarding difficulty with dark souls if not harder then it id says I did a decent job. most people wouldve quit the game and ask for a "skip boss button"

  6. I can sorta understand what this guy is saying about difficulty. I remember my first wyvern fight. Yian kut ku. He was sooo hard solo. But once I overcame that challenge the game really opened up for me.

  7. This game looks amazing, simply amazing. I've only got a couple questions that I haven't found the answers to. If they can't be answered, I'll be fine with it, but I hope someone will try. Does time stop when you access any menus or is it like old MH's that time still goes on? Is there fall damage, when you fall from too high? Are there multiple save files, like in MH 3 on the Wii? Answers would be appreciated, but they are not neccessary. Thanks.

  8. "Impossible to fight in single player" pfffffffffffffffffft try fighting that diablos my friend, Barroth would look like a complete chump

  9. Barroth was the first monster I ever saw. I went to my friend's house, walked into his room, and sat down to watch him fight a Barroth. I loved watching it, and when I fought it myself, I LOVED it.

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