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The Best Fighting Techniques Of Skyrim VR

Virtual reality forces you to take a whole new approach to combat in Skyrim. Lucky for you, martial arts expert (and Game Informer senior associate editor) Kyle Hilliard is ready to teach you to the best techniques in the game.

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  1. these retarded fucks are obviously noobs….. try watching me playing skyrim vr pro… and you will see a fucking killing machine swordsmanship…. using two handed sword is my specialty .. if you take this game seriously u will be fit as fuck! … play it like your life's depend on it …. thats what a pro gamer's mindset.. these reviews are for retards

  2. Fighting is over powered just take a two handed weapon and you hold with one hand and you can move it like a feather imagine a 96 damage dragon bone club and swinging at sonic speeds yeah it’s overpowered

  3. After watching this video…
    "Sweet mother, sweet mother, send your child unto me,

    For the sins of the unworthy must be baptized in blood and fear."

    —Chant of the Black Sacrament

    and now we wait… lmao

  4. This is the worst video representation of Skyrim vr. Game is phenomenal and controls are good (I wish we had analog sticks on the move controllers). Other than that using DualShock controller is much more straightforward and smooth. I still prefer move though…archery is great.

  5. And you wonder why mainstream gaming sites/channels/whatever die a slow, painful death.
    I would wish you a swift, merciful demise in the business world, but you don't deserve that.

  6. We Need to Lock you up in jail and throw away the key for the Crime you have committed: Using Teleport as Default in VR


  7. ….is this not the WEAKEST VR gameplay I ever saw!? Be IN to it man regardless of the quirks. I mean look at you🤣 this was you being so serious 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. You have to get your legs. I used Boneworks to train my brain. I could only play it for 45min. Then the next day 1.5 hours. Then 3 hours the next. By then I had a stomach for it. I use teleport, but I blink when my guy moves so it helps a lot. Locomotion is fine, but I just like being able to teleport to high places and away from danger. It also keeps me from getting VR sickness as fast.

  9. The real technique is to hit them with the shield then your single handed weapon, they can't touch you since they're too busy falling lol

  10. Skyrim VR is really a game you have to tweak the settings until you find the balance that suits your comfortability level in VR. It’s actually one of the best games on PSVR in terms of movement/comfort options and caters nicely to novice/veteran VR users.

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