Star Wars Battlefront II – Review In Progress

Alessandro is here to give you his impressions of Battlefront II so far. We are going to give the game a bit more time to see how well the multiplayer works after release before we give our final verdict.

Official single player story scene:

Watch PC…

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  1. I'm sorry but i can't wait for angry joe's review you guys gave it a 6. Lets see how he is gonna do it. IN any way good job, i thought it was going to be a mess with the boxes. From here on now i will only play offline (exept for wow). I have some older gmaes lying around that i will have more fun playing it then all this shit that is lately coming out. Sorry if there's any bad spelling Grammer nazi's.

  2. So far the multiplayer experience for me has been wait to actually get a game, die, wait to spawn in with team mates, die, wait to spawn in with team mates, die … at least the previous Battlefront had non stop action. Oh and Versio turning to the rebellion was bland and predictable … it wouldn't have killed them to have Versio stay loyal to the Empire.

  3. Honestly, all these fucking micro transactions are pissing me off , I miss the old games . I always feel like I’m always at a disadvantage. This is what’s killing gaming for me

  4. These stupid EA defenders will keep saying lootcrates doesn't matter. Of course it doesn't because they don't progress. Progression is what make people play a game. Once progression is locked behind RANDOMIZED lootcrates it meant to totally screw players over. Not only randomized, once you got duplicates the value is dropped to 1/10 of original upgrade price. How about the length to unlock everything? Only god knows, maybe there already flying cars and real light saber by then.

  5. Preordered this game got it today very disappointed can't play galactic assault and star fighter assault in offline arcade the big massive battles offline it's complete shit the graphics and visuals are impressive but it won't ever beat battlefront 2 (2005) that was the best for the epic massive game modes which u can go in vehicles fly spaceships and be on foot offline is the community asking for galactic and star fighter assault to be in offline arcade?

  6. Things I dislike about this game:Micro Transactions (I know they removed it but it’s only TEMPORARILY though), loot boxes, there’s no more skins for the soldiers, you can’t turn off and on your lightsabers, no more survival mode, no more private matches, terrible progression system, not many guns, and that’s all.
    Things I like about this game:way more maps, more heroes that all feel really different, gameplay’s better now, way more vehicles, an interesting story mode, beautiful graphics, portraits the Star Wars universe well.
    But seriously though EA has to stop always finding a way to squeeze some more money from the fans, don’t get me wrong I’m happy that all dlc will be free, but pay2win, terrible progression system, and loot boxes 🤦‍♂️, Ik pay2win has been temporarily removed but that doesn’t matter, it WILL be back some time soon, and also on my opinion to make this game perfect, completely remove loot boxes, make everyone have the same stuff making everything 100% free, no pay2win, no loot boxes, and credits should be earned by getting a lot of kills and being a valuable player not by how long the match is, and if they wanna prevent people from getting refunds, they should just completely remove the fucking loot box system, and add in a store system just like in the last one where you earned credits and did challenges with jabba and earned your guns and abilities, but here you don’t have to have any skill at all, you don’t earn what you get here. I regretted getting this game, so far I’m enjoying it but these things make me really hate it.

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