Should You Replay Skyrim In VR?

Skyrim in VR proves there’s still a lot left to discover about Bethesda’s venerable RPG.

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  1. shooting the bow in vr i think its gonna be amazing…its like my go to weapon in pretty much any game…so yea, looking forward for it….also using the microphone to shout the actual words as a keyword to shout different shouts would be amazing, ….fus ro dah, and wuld and etc…that would be amazing, you wont even have to equip the shout, just say the words 😀

  2. So… I've never played Skyrim until Skyrim VR. I wasn't all that interested in it on TV or monitor. I just wanted a really long experience on PSVR (I have RE7, but I kind of put a hold on it because of stress over Jack… I swear I'll finish it someday)

    So here was my experience so far:

    1. Wow, this looks awful. Simple games like Windlands have more presence.
    2. Those giant spiders don't scare me. Don't know why people are so freaked out by that. Jack was a lot more threatening.
    3. This is kind of fun. I may try it again tomorrow.
    4. OK, Let's try this again. Tired of trying for hidden armor on Secret of Mana.
    5. When did the sun rise?
    6. Ok, so now I have 5 characters because I wanted new starter races.
    7. treadmill syndrome so hard
    8. shivers Holy crap those spiders.
    9. Eegah, damned wolves again.

    It's clear the engine isn't right for VR, but like you said, I forgot about it after a little while. I can see why this one gives people motion sickness, though. You have to be running near Unreal Tournament speeds in that game, and you turn fast. I get dizzy every time I go down one of those spiral staircases. I don't get motion sick, but I do get dizzy, and after 8 hours in VR, that dizzyness can last for a while…

  3. if you gone play it all dlc and every thing…pick up the main controler and a comfy spot :)..and just let the game drag you in

  4. Arrg…. I can't stop playing this! I've already sunk in another 30 hours into this game. I swore I'd never play it again after sinking 150 hours the first time through. The VR is just SO GOOD!

  5. This is hands down the coolest video game experience I've ever had. You actually are "in" the game. What more could you ask for. Every moment is cool and super immersive. Wolves or spiders jump at you and you physically jump. You can't explain it you just have to try

  6. Yep. I told myself I would only buy Skyrim VR if they made proper VR menu selection (menu in one hand, pointer in the other), and not the nightmarish monstrosity they made for Fallout VR.

  7. I seem to be the only one I know that can't stand the floating weapons thing in VR games. It's fine in sillier expereinces, but when I'm trying to immerse myself in a fantasy world that takes itself seriously, seeing floating limbs and weapons just reminds me that I'm playing a video game and breaks the immersion.

  8. Yaya Updates!, after they did em the game is so fun with no motion sickness and im starting to feel physically better overall from standing up while playing most the time.

  9. from what i can tell by this video, Dont Buy Skyrim for PS4 and Expect to have a great game experience through and through but instead buy it on PC and mod the hell outta it so all the bugs are fixed and the graphics even more lifelike oh and have voice activated shouts and better combat mods lol

  10. I'm playing skyrim for the first time in psvr and been it has me captivated. I tried to play it on PC but I was unable to make it to the first town and this I lost interest. I literally could not play skyrim without vr.

  11. Needed a sound overhaul to make it better, and even then.. Not going to be nodding at npcs the only difference is attack speed if you want to “cheat” and do small swings.

  12. I own this but only have the DualShock and this game is still absolutely amazing, it’s best port ever. I just don’t understand how people don’t like this

  13. I got bored fairly early on playing Skyrim on flat screen. I'm glad I did now, because now I've been experiencing most of the content for the first time in VR. It really does give it a whole new lease of life and makes it all feel fresh again.

  14. So Here is my Problem i have buyed Skyrim on the ps3 Back in the days i buyed all dlc to. then there was the Special Edition with Mod Support on the ps4 that was okay with me because i dont Had the Money to make a gaming pc to get the full potencial Out of Skyrim so i buyed the Special Edition and dont get disappointed. currently Skyrim VR is at 25 bucks at the ps Store and i have move Controllers and i am struggling to buy because it is a old Game that i have buyed many Times for the full price and i dont know If its worth another Chance to buy so what should i do is it worth buying the Game a third time or is that Just wasted Money i dont have a clue

  15. What no one talks about which is a feature I cannot stand is the interaction icon cannot be repositioned or removed. This, (press square to interact) feature that is so in your face and literally in the NPCs face and keeps breaking the immersion horribly and none of the settings deal with this, very, very disappointing to say the least which has me putting the game down after an hour or two with each play. Put 300 hrs at least in the 360 version and love the sense of depth/scale in the vr version but this obnoxious and easily patchable blunder gets beyong irritating and I cannot find anything in the settings menus to fix this.

  16. What a great review.
    I had this game as long as I have had PSVR (About a year now?)
    When i first booted it up I was immediatly turned off by the controls and it was only recently I decided to pick it up once more.
    Actually exploring and getting lost is such a treat in this game. As well as using the Bow and Arrow.. It so much fun!
    Can't wait to get to the DLC's as I havent played them!

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