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New Gameplay Today – Hitman: GOTY Edition

Game Informer’s Jeff Cork is joined by Hitman (2016) superfan Leo Vader and Hitman (2016) lesserfan Jeff Marchiafava to take a look at today’s controversial new DLC, break down what’s in it, and attempt to take down a doomsday cult.
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  1. i haven't played many hitman games but the bit i have i got real stressed out while playing. i feel like im under too much pressure when just doing basic tasks lol.

  2. I'm personally happy to buy it for 20 bucks. Why? Because by this I support IO in developing season 2 😉 If they gave us those mission for free, it would be weeks/months of work for "nothing" that would help them in further development.

  3. why the fuck is that the game of the year. No innovations, no new gameplay…It is somewhat linear (with 3 or 4 ways…but still linear), and it is totally, totally mainstream(made easy for the dumbest gamer outthere…in older titles u at least had to search the ways by yourself, now they propose you the possible ways…fuckin stupid)…u choose one of the ways and do exactly what is planned…for me, a dissapointment from A to Z…and thats the GAME OF THE YEAR….jeeeeeez

  4. I bought the complete experience version from the ps store i uninstalled and reinstalled it over time and now i cant re download the 1st episode that used to be free. Ive got all missions but the 1st and cant find a wag to download it what should i do

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