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New Footage Of Cooking In Monster Hunter: World

Game Informer’s Ben Hanson, Jeff Cork, and Laleh Tobin show off new gameplay from Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World that emphasizes the cooking and absurdly good-looking food in the game that’s cooked by the palicoes and humans alike.

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  1. people exclaiming how cute the cats and animations of the cooking were in this video…
    while I'm going "holyshit theres no more camera lock in hub town areas."

  2. trying to figure out what's on this plate. we have a whole turkey and lamb?, cheese, shrimp kabob, steak kabob, cant tell the other kabob, three baked potatoes, red sausage(spiced) white grilled sausage, cant tell if whats next to it is fish fillets or porkchops, while the soup that cats cooked looks like chowder the final product looks like lobster soup. help me guys

  3. "Millenial Attention Span": Bitch, you talking about Gen X? Because Millenials are the ones that GREW UP on this bloody game, you filthy neophyte!

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