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Exclusive Gameplay Of Monster Hunter: World's Coral Highlands

Game Informer’s Ben Hanson and Jeff Cork show off new gameplay footage of the Coral Highlands in Monster Hunter: World to go along with the magazine’s new cover story on Capcom’s game.

Learn more about the Coral Highlands here -…

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  1. God I'm so excited for this map. I LOVE things about the ocean, and was disappointed when Capcom stopped swimming after 3U. But now we get the Coral Highlands and it's absolutely breathtaking!

    I gotta say though, the IG is the weapon I'm least excited to try out. I was hoping they'd improve the kinsect and maybe use some aspects of Brave Style from XX to have the Kinsect able to fight on your behalf without orders for a while, but seems like Capcom wants to keep it manual-input.

    When can Kinsect wipe it's own ass without permission plz.

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