DOOM On Switch Review

We had a fair amount of time to play DOOM on the Nintendo Switch, but we are hold off on our final judgement until we get a chance to try the multiplayer.

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  1. It and im being serious it runs better on my lil switch than it did on my big ps4 with all that hardware or software what ever the fuck i dunno im just astonished that it could look better on average ON AVERAGE and play better and wheeze less than the ps4 that is astonishing

  2. It’s a portable game. What do you think genius ?. Hand held games always play differently than the console. All I here is frame rate this and that. Controls issue this and that. People don’t appreciate anything these days. Even in the 90s games had glitches and issues. Games are for fun. Don’t play games at all if you have problems with frame rates or other stuff lol.

  3. I hate watching a Switch review that recommends playing the game in the dock. If I wanted to play the game not portably, I’d sit at my desk and play the best version of the game on PC with the higher frames per second and better graphics/resolution.
    I play my switch almost exclusively in handheld mode, as it should be. If I want to use a pro controller, I just slide on my Fixture S1 and keep playing in portable mode, or tabletop mode on my desk while I’m doing something else on my computer

  4. my brother got doom and i'm not old enough to play it, but pretty sure i could because the graphics are not very intense

    edit: i just realized this is just doom, not the 1993 version, i'm 10 rn, do you think i will be able to play it?

  5. I've been playing it on and off for almost a week and they've done an amazing job with the port considering the hardware limitations. Now I have to say I'm a huge fan of Doom 3 and on playing Doom 2016 I immediately recognised the similarities. Naturally the Devs have altered the story slightly, for the worst, in my opinion, and the gameplay, which is basically parts of the map has you exploring with nothing happening, and other parts where you reach a point and loads of demons suddenely materialise to attack you, en masse. Again, I prefer the slower, tension building, scary pace of Doom 3. Plus the demons looked scarier. The demons in Doom 2016 look they were done by Disney animators!

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