Cuphead's Creators Reveal Their Fighting Game Influences

Cuphead developers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer talk about how their love for old fighting games made its way into a few of the game’s bosses.

Intro Title Cards by CIH Studios –

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  1. I definitely got the more direct Street Fighter references in the frog brothers stage, but I did not see the correlation between the slot machine icons and the Street Fighter 2 bosses. And Sally Stageplay is Urien. Did not notice that before this video.

  2. This is what I love the most about Cuphead; how it's basically one big tribute/nostalgia trip for the things the creators love, while at the same time being its own thing.  Yes, some of the references are more obvious than others, but I honestly think this is a cool way to pay homage to things – not directly copying, but using the thing your taking inspiration from as a kind of starting point, and creating something from that.  The end result can be anything from almost exactly similar to something where you need to be told what they were referencing to see where the link actually is.

    This won't happen for years, but I plan on doing a similar thing on a game I plan on making (it's not a Run and Gun, though.  It's a PlayStation 1 and 2 era Final Fantasy style RPG.)  I plan on doing the Cuphead thing, and taking inspiration from various things, mostly video games and animations that I have a nostalgic attachment to – the only thing is this will be a wider range than just "30s-ish cartoons and 80s-ish videogames, as I have a nostalgic attachment for many animations and games, some being pretty new (like this decade.)

  3. The frog level background reminded me so much of the tekken 6 restaurant background. Same restaurant with people cheering. Performers in the back, and the same jazz soundtrack

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