Checking Out The OJO Projector Nintendo Switch Dock Prototype

We got hands-on time with a prototype of the OJO projector. It works like a dock and has plenty bells and whistles, but is it bright enough?

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  1. My name's jake Caylor on my gfs account. But all of you talking shit have no vision. You're telling me it wouldnt be awesome to go out in the woods on a camping trip, set up the ojo and a sheet and play Mario kart with friends.

  2. Okay the only people is going to get that are the people that don't realize that you're wasting more money is $400 starting off and why are you going to projector when your Nintendo switch has a screen already I'm just asking questions

  3. I can see potential for this, but the problem is costs – the costs to make a REALLY good bright HD projector to allow a large projection to justify not using the Switch's built in display would raise the production cost, which means it'd raise the retail price, which would make it an overpriced gimmick if anything.

    If production costs for projectors go down in the future, I can see this having potential for parties, conventions etc – but yeah, with the current specs & price (costing as much as the Switch itself), it's a novelty & you're better off huddling around the Switch's display, or even buying a cheaper brand TV.

  4. A Facking absolute rip off, you can buy projectors with 7000 lumens for 25% of the price. This thing is a joke. Lets face it even with all the other rubbish the only reason you buy this is for the projector and you can get shitload better ones for 75% cheaper of ebay. This is an absolute waste of time! 370$ USD my god, and I thought Nintendo ripped you off.

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