Call Of Duty: WW2 – Why Does The M1 Garand Ping?

The sound the M1 Garand makes when it runs out of bullets has become an iconic sound of the World War 2 shooter genre, so since the release of Call of Duty: WW2, we thought we would would find out, why does the M1 Garand go ping?

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  1. My dad had to train in the S Korean Army (as all male citizens are required) and we were talking about guns.. he told me in training he had to throw 4 of his friends' M1s on his back while everyone was running because his friends were about to pass out- which would cause everyone to be punished… I showed him the clip and he laughed saying how accurate it was, and his friends would get the "M1 thumb" except him

  2. Why does the garand make the "ping sound". I maintain that John Garand added the ping on purpose as an indicator to the user that the gun was now empty. For the same reason that bolt actions of WW1 or WW2 vintage (all models regardless of country), the bolt can not close after ejecting the last round, because it is stopped by the cartridge follower. This is because in the heat of battle, you need to know the gun is empty and not close the bolt on an empty chamber. It's literally a matter of life or death. Having shot the M1 Garand many times, you can blow through the 8 roundsreally fast, and without the ping, you would never know it's empty. Proof of my theory seems lost with the passing of the original developers, because I've never seen this documented.

  3. My grandfather told me that they would save those when they were empty and fire off 2-4 rounds a piece then throw those against a rock or brick wall to make the ping sound. When enemy forces would pop out during a gunfight thinking they were empty they'd be trained on them already and let them have it. MOSTLY inaudible but I suppose it would depend on the terrain and surroundings. Smaller firefight between a a couple of squads or more in a firefight versus an all out battle between several platoons of men maybe? Not sure.

  4. American soldiers after awhile learned to just throw and empty clip on the ground to make the ping sound and then shoot whoever popped out thinking they were reloading

  5. Medal of Honor Frontline was by far the mest one of the series. That first level is just an absolutely insane way to open up a game.

  6. the rear sight ring on the CoD:WWII M1 is MASSIVE. like, I'm talking sonic ring huge. it's not a wedding band, damnit, although sitting watching this cradling the 6th M1 I've owned that I just brought home today, I'd marry it. such a pretty gun.

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