Best Xbox One Gear And Accessories

Whether you have an Xbox One X or One S, you’ll want to look into these accessories to get the most out of your console!

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  1. 1) Get a Custom controller instead
    2) Get ASTROS instead
    3) get an external SSD
    4) Um, yeah, obviously
    5) Noooo, Get a regular keyboard, much easier to use.
    6) Game on a monitor, faster response times than TVs. BenQ are a great brand for this.

  2. I have turtle beach recon 50X headset and two external hard drive for my Xbox one console and two controller, one that came with it and a blue patrol tech

  3. Umm no. The only ones I agree with are Xbox gold which is a given, and the hard drive but that's to make sure right storage for right files. Headset is crap afterglow or Astros are better and the elite controller is good but it's not the razer ultimate wolverine which is around the same price with more features feels better and is fully customizeable with 100% remapping. it's wired but serious gamers use wired bc of 0 lag in response time and no low battery interruptions during competitive or tournaments. All these partnered with Microsoft soooo..

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