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60 Rapid-Fire Questions About Monster Hunter: World

As part of Game Informer’s cover story on Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World, senior editor Jeff Cork asked Monster Hunter: World’s game director Yuya Tokuda and Ryozo Tsijimoto as many questions as time would allow in an interview about poogie,…

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  1. This game was such a surprise for me… I was completely unaware of it for months, then I saw it at the game awards. Picked it up then, and holy S H I T what a game!


    “ Nergigangte is very hard “ they where too incorrect

  3. Love the videos, man I wish they added more realistic beards and mustaches. To make the characters look more like the player, my friends and I get a kick of playing games that allow us to virtually match our image. It would be a bonus if that was possible in MHW Icebourne.

  4. Monster Hunter World was the greatest game ever!

    Its so awesome that They made this game! I have been a secret fan since MH3 Watched Videos (Lagiacrus and Dire Miralis were my faivorites) And Thinking if I see this game in a Shop ill buy it. Well I did find it but it wasent for ps3 but few years later… BOOOM my prayers were answered and Monster hunter World had tropped! Now I'm 17 have iceborne recently buyed a switch and Monster Hunter generations ultimate My Faivorite monsters Are Gore Magala and Deviljho Now!

    The main reason I like monster hunter because I love dragons and Fighting them in games! There were few in games like dark souls but what is that to basicly a game based on Hunting Wyverns and Dragons!

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