Things I Wish I Knew Before Playing South Park: The Fractured But Whole

After some tips to make the most out of your farting vigilante experience in South Park? Do we have the video for you! Let us know if we missed anything!

Watch NSFW Priest Fight PS4 gameplay:

Check out 5 Cool Things You can Do in South Park:…

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  1. Somehow I didn't realize for too long that you could change artifacts. I thought you had to wait until you unlock a new slot to equip a more powerful artifact… so I spent half the game horribly underpowered.

  2. how exactly are these obvious things helpful when you know them beforehand? I just don't get the point on this entire video.


    Buy as much spacialized biohazard as possible, or similar priced items at a shop, leave the shop, return to shop, sell all common biohazard or similar priced co
    mponent, buyback all the sold common components back at a rate higher than one per sale, repeat the paragraph.

    The game is willing to sell you the components, but will let you buy them back for free if you do it at a rate higher than 1.

    Doing this will let you shore up components and money. Making $5,000 will be very easy then…

    I usually do it at the start so I don't worry about cash later

    I sold my artifacts and gear playing the first time around trying to make 5000, wish i knew it sooner

  4. After fighting the Raisin girls for the first time DO NOT buy anything from Raisins until you mastered the Raisins Ripper title sheet side quest and then fought them one more time to get the credit card back.

    While you are at war with the Raisins, items on their vendor will be overpriced. The prices will come down once you helped Clyde get the credit card back.

  5. Cool vid

    But I'm so glad I got this cheap in the steam sale

    Combat is dull
    Characters are meh
    The story just isn't interesting
    A little too much on the paedos like the strip joint and church makes it uncomfortable
    The Morgan Freeman thing just doesn't work for me

    Its lacking… Something…

  6. Just making the title looking right :
    Things that everybody already knows in South Park : The Fractured But Whole

  7. I really wish this game had a endgame battle tower or something to keep it going.
    Combat is fun, but it’s sad to see it all end once you done all the dlc.

  8. 7 things I wish I knew b4 playing
    Literally only list things u would do or know automatically while playing the game… Smh

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