The Last Of Us Part II Trailer #2 | Paris Games Week 2017

Take a look at the PGW 2017 trailer for The Last of Us Part II.

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  1. Everyone just read all the spoilers before the game came out, that's fucking lame from my perspective, why would you want to do that?other than "weEll if I reAd thEm i Will NoW thE shIttY stOrY sO i Won'T bUy thE gAme"

  2. My first reaction to this trailer : "why they bother to show us a trailer with new side characters!?"
    Hahaha yeah, funny me.

  3. SO glad I didn't watch any trailers for this game at all. Finally got around to playing through it all this week and this was a huge moment for me. Glad I went through it spoiler-free!

  4. Who cares she wasn’t Ellie’s mom I’m mad there was 1 skinny ass stalker instead of 3 clickers running at you in the actual game scene

  5. I always kinda sorta figured that this chick would play a large role in the game, considering the entire trailer was focused on her. Plus at the very end you can tell that its about to transition to gameplay. Had no idea that her role would be THAT significant though.

  6. So I replayed it. One year later. I think the game is amazing, though it leaves me wanting more. + ahould have been a bit longer and diverse. Too much time in just Seattle and Jackson. + why did they chose seattle for the setting?

  7. Someday I'll remember not to read Youtube comments because people are truly the worst, today is not that day. If you are as dumb as me and reading this particular comment, ignore the people on here, just play the game. It's a masterpiece just like the first one was.

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