Super Mario Odyssey Review

Is Nintendo’s first Mario game on the Switch worth the wait, or is Mario better off if he stayed missing? Find out in our GameSpot review!

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  1. My only issue is the save points. I save the game, and then come back to pick up where I left off just to go back two steps from where I saved it. Horrible save points

  2. As someone that has been gaming for about 20 years and has pretty much played all the 2d and 3d Mario games, this is hands down the greatest 3D Mario game of all time. I thought I would never see a game beat 64 but it has. 10/10 Masterpiece.

  3. I have a gaming pc and a ps4 but today I just got a switch and this game on sale and I gotta say I feel like a kid again. I miss simple games like these where I can mostly turn off my brain and have a good time. Just a basic game. Definitely like this more than cyberpunk that’s for sure thanks Nintendo I can’t wait until my Zelda game comes in tomorrow

  4. i recently played this game and I am in awe. this game represent what entertaining games should be and not like those stupid quick time events

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