South Park: The Fractured But Whole Review

Ubisoft’s follow-up to the Stick of Truth shines with a rewarding combat system wrapped around South Park’s distinct brand of humor.

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  1. Why the fuck would you fill a review with spoilers? And the game isn't even out yet. Has it even dawned on you to think that maybe people are on the fence and would just want to know what the game is like and not what the whole story is about?

  2. Why do people get so fucking mad about reviews? Just enjoy your videogames and have fun, don’t take personal opinions so seriously and believe me your life will be better.

  3. Yeah, would've done better on the Switch.
    Shame most gamers on here aren't old enough to remember mature games on pre-Wii Nintendo.

  4. I've skipped out on so many gamespot reviews because they put "spoiler" in front of everything. How hard is it to review a game without spoiling anything? Half of Youtube does it!

  5. This has a $30 season pass, Uplay, day one DLC and afew editions each costing up to over $100 lol. This game has no excuses to do this shit, it is Ubisoft after all.

  6. The game looks awesome, but that skin color difficulty level thing is bullshit! Why? what if I want my character to look like me but still enjoy a harder difficulty? so stupid.

  7. I am a huge fan of the stick of truth, but this game fails hard. Ive been playing it for the south park aspect only, the gameplay has been nerfed to the point it has lost its appeal. Costumes do nothing but change your appearance, there are no weapons and you only can rely on powers and artifacts to customize your character in battle. leveling and crafting cap ridiculously early. You are unable to use a majority of your moves left or right, making many levels unnecessarily difficult. Bosses break the turn based gameplay, combined with the inability to look left or right, this leaves your scrambling to find the right moves in a situations where you are forced into a quick time battle. The story is great, but it doesn't feel like a proper RPG anymore. It honestly feels like an RPG that has been nerfed for MMO play like ESO, a bastardized version of its predecessor lacking many core mechanics that made the first game what it was. It feels like a game that has been stripped down and is awaiting DLC to make it a real game. As much as I wanted it to be a good game, I must give it a 5/10 myself, and it is only the story that brought it up to 5.

  8. Is it just me or the gamespot just haters ? I don't know much about this game, but I watch most reviews on games. It's like no game is amazing. Shadow of war for example, too much to do. What?!?!? Makes no sence

  9. This game has far too much pedophilia in it. It isn't even funny. I love South Park apart from the over the top sexual humor. I just can't play this game any more.

  10. I could of done this review in 10 secs…. If you love sp this game is for you if not go back to trolling 9 year olds on fortnote

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