Shadow Of War: Best S**t Talking Orcs

Here are some of the best orc intros we’ve seen so far in Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War.

Check out the fort assault gameplay here:

Open world gameplay trailer:

Check out the Shadow of War announcement…

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  1. the biggest fail of the game is that you can’t play any of the wonderful troll and orc characters but have to make do with a filthy manswine. such a shame, the game could have been brilliant.

  2. The most amazing and terrifying thing I've heard an orc say had to be this member of the Terror Tribe whom was decorated from head to toe with iron spikes and human skulls and when we engaged he said to me "When I'm through with you, there will be so much gore and carnage itll make the eye of Sauron blink!"

    Needless to say, I f***ed right off..

  3. Pity after 10 hours in i had to stop playing because i couldn't skip these sodding cutscenes.
    Nice for flavour but why the fcking hell they didnt let you skip the repatative shit is beyond me

  4. Most of us have at least one of those Uruks or Ologs whom we have invested so much time and effort in nurturing but unfortunately ended in betrayal. They annoyingly cheat death while running away several times. Killing them was hard that’s why I try my best to shame them continuously until I can recruit them again without their iron will. If they choose the wrong words like actually planning to betray me all along and not out of remorse because I failed to revive them due to annoying grunts/archers or dying in fight pits, I would not think twice about killing them. Really hurts to see how one overlord of mine that used to be a loyal bodyguard who has saved me 4 times but when he lost in the fight pits, he came back and cheated death but also betrayed me. Shamed him 3 times and made him captain once again since he said I left him to die 😭

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